Last year I started telling my kids to have a super duper alley-ooper day when I dropped them off at school.  I guess I said it enough because there came a point that I would say, “Have a super duper…” and they would respond, “alley-ooper day!”  I knew the tradition had become cemented when I forgot to say it one day and the kids just stayed in the car waiting for me to say it, “Mo-om… c’mon, say it….”

Now I have to do it twice every morning.  Once when I drop off my high school Chickie at the bus stop and again when I drop off the Boy and the Beans.  This morning it took Beans a little longer to get out of the car and get her backpack out of the trunk.  She walked around the car to the driver’s side window and pressed her sign language “I Love You” fingers up to the glass and waited for me to do the same so she could line up our fingers.  I love that she’s 10-years old but still loves to do little things like that.

I want to soak in these little things that put a smile on my face.  Who knows how much longer she will want to press her fingers to the glass to show me that she loves me?  There will come a day that she will roll her eyes and decide that’s too baby-ish.  But for now I’ll look past the fingerprint smudged glass to the smile on her face and soak it all in!


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