Monthly Archives: November 2013

Double Digits

Happy (belated) Birthday Beans!!

I can’t believe you’re TEN already!  You are such a fun kid.  You have an amazing sense of humor with a quick wit.  You come up with the best one liners.  Your sister was giving you grief for walking through the house wrapped in a towel (after your shower) so you flashed her and said, “Feast your eyes!”  What a stinker.

You’ve discovered fashion this year and you’re figuring out your own style.  You love to wear the nerd glasses.  This year you asked Uncle for knee high Converse high tops.  Plus you spent some of your birthday money on fake reading glasses – for those days you don’t want to wear your nerd ones.

You begged to have bangs – but not just any bangs… no, you wanted side-swept bangs just like your sister.  You’re starting to hang out with her more.  You even had an accidental sleepover in her room after watching Netflix too late.  I think someday the two of you will be best friends.  For now you’re content to spend a little time with her.

You recently asked to be baptized and I am so excited for you.  You like to read your Bible and you are good at remembering to pray for your friends.

You love to hula hoop.  And you’re good at.  Your newest trick is to start standing up, then go down on your knees, and then get back up.  You’ve discovered the Lemony Snicket series.  Every night you love to climb in bed with me and read to me.  You have also starting playing Minecraft like your brother although I don’t think you’re as addicted as he is.  Earlier this year you decided you wanted to play piano and you started teaching yourself.  You would practice a song for awhile and then ask me to listen and help you figure out the next one.  You love music!  You have an iPod and more often than not, you have headphones on.  Last year you really liked One Direction but I think peer pressure made you think they weren’t cool any more.  Now you like to listen to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

You are larger than life and it’s so hard to describe what makes you who you are.  You are fearless and sensitive and funny and compassionate and a quiet leader.  You are silly and stinky and brave.  You are your own person.

I love you so much.  I am proud of who you are and who you are becoming.