Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sorry honey

It was a rough night for sleep.  I kept waking up.  When I couldn’t fall back to sleep I would re-start Netflix to help my mind zone out.  Woke up at 3:30 to chewing sounds.  Pretty sure we have a rat(s) in the attic.  Sigh.  Woke up again at 5:00.  Pretty sure it was a dog fart that woke me up.  Oh that’s a horrible smell.  Wait… the dog isn’t in my room.  OMG that’s my husband!  Oh!  Oh babe!  I pulled the sheet over my nose.  Suffocating!  Oh!  Another one.  Ew!  Rolled over thinking that the smell couldn’t follow me.  Wrong.  What did he eat?!  That is just rank.  No sleeping now.  Thankful for my iPhone.  Facebook.  Solitaire.  Finally, 6:00.  I can justify getting up at 6:00.  Wait, is that the dog pacing in the hall?  I’ll let him out before I jump in the shower.

and then.

I opened the bedroom door.

The smell hit me before anything registered.  Oh Lord the smell.  And the poor dog hunkered down.  I quickly let him out and then turned on the hall light.  So thankful that we have concrete flooring in the hallway.  So, so thankful.  It was full-on diarrhea-palooza.  The hallway… my son’s room… *gag*  I started to clean it up when my hubby woke up and came to my rescue.  Thank you babe.  

and I’m totally sorry I blamed the dog farts on you.


Happy 14th

Happy Birthday Chickie!

I can’t believe you’re already 14 years old.  Where did all the time go?

This past year has been so much fun with you.  Your sense of humor is awesome.  You have become responsible and trustworthy.  You love music and to sing along with whatever is playing.  Especially if it’s Pentatonix.  I think you may have devoured a library’s worth of books.

I can see you maturing almost daily.  You are going to be an amazing adult – but I can wait for that – I’ll enjoy these teen years with you.  I wish there was a way to bottle up a little bit of you each year.

I love you so much.  I am so proud of who you are.

Happy Birthday,