Monthly Archives: April 2013

Almost one year

One more month and we’ll be at the one year mark.  The Boy had surgery on May 31st to remove a tumor from his left temporal lobe.  While the tumor was diagnosed as an oligodendroglioma the PET scan reported ZERO growth activity.  Which meant that he would not need to do any chemo or radiation.  Just waiting and watching.

He’s had regular 3 month check ups and each of those MRI’s have reported ZERO re-growth.  As we draw close to the next MRI I find my anxiety growing and after each appointment I heave a big sigh of relief.  I thank God over and over for His healing work in my son.

As we draw close to the one year mark I find myself reflecting back on his surgery day.  I am so grateful that my family dropped everything and surrounded us in the waiting room.  They patiently waited for their turn to see him in recovery and then they quietly slipped out.  They came to visit every day and brought gifts and food and hugs.  They prayed and rallied and celebrated.

The only physical sign of what he’s been through is a U shaped scar that curves around his ear.  A year later and it’s still tender.  The scar on his head and the scar on my heart.  But that is a small, small price to pay to have my son back.  Gone are his weekly/bi-monthly migraines, gone are the temper rages, gone is the impatience, gone is the intolerance, gone are the seizures.  Everyone that knows him sees how tender he is, how loving, full of snuggles and laughs.

I pray that I get to keep him; that the tumor stays away and doesn’t rob us of this boy.  I truly believe that each day with him – and my girls – is a precious gift.