3-1-13 a date to remember

Dear Chickie –

Yesterday was a day to remember for you…  your first kiss!  This boy asked you to be his Valentine.  You were smitten.  He gave you an appropriate card… no mention of love or eternal vows.  Just a cute card pointing out that he thinks you’re special.

You told him that he would need to meet me and Daddy.  He’s all for it except he is a little nervous about meeting Daddy.  We have both seen him at school and you’re right… he does look like Harry Potter minus the glasses.

Yesterday at school you both just happened to be out of class and in the hallway (coincidence?  as much as you want me to believe that; i don’t think so) and he stole a kiss from you.  You were hesitant to tell me; worried I would be mad.

I have very mixed feelings but anger isn’t one of them.  I know how exciting this is for you; how wonderful it feels to be liked.  You have learned about boundaries and boy drama and you want none of it.  I am praying that you enjoy getting to know Young Potter but that you protect your heart.  Remember that you are miles away from being ready to marry and so this relationship is – well – it’s practice is what it is.  Learn to treat him with respect.  Remember he has feelings too.  He has a family – learn to talk to them and never, never disrespect them; even if he does.  You have morals – don’t betray them.  And please remember, I’m your Momma – I loved you first.  You can talk to me – trust that I have your best interests at heart.

And Young Potter – I have my eye on you.



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