Monthly Archives: March 2012


Last night it was a little stuffy in the house so we turn on the swamp cooler and popped open some windows.  This morning brought perfectly crisp air and birds chirping.  The kids are on spring break and are staying with my parents this week so the house is uncommonly quiet this morning.  As I sat with my “Thursday” cup of coffee, my rosemary lemon scone and my Bible I was transported back to VA. 

I remember sitting at my kitchen table feeling so alone.  We had left a tight knit small group and suddenly found ourselves all on our own.  I missed having my friends come over every week.  I missed the chit chat and jokes.  The hugs and living life with my friends.  Did God really call us to VA to abandon our community?  To be all alone? 

I am reminded this morning that God heard my cries for friendship.  He brought me the best friends.  Friends that I felt like I have known a lifetime.  My hubby found men that became his pack. (grunt, grunt)  My kids were surrounded by friends of all ages.  God is so good.

As I sit here this morning with all of my worries, all of my stress, all of my brokenness… I am reminded that God is faithful.  He doesn’t promise me an easy road but He does promise that He’s walking beside me.  He’s holding me up when I don’t think I can take another step.  And it’s bigger than that.  He’s walking with my children.  Holding them up when they can’t take another step.  That is the comfort I seek.  Especially now in the midst of all this.  To know that He is drawing in The Boy with lovingkindness.  (Jer. 31:3)

Thank you Lord for Your faithfulness.  Thank you for my “staff” that I can be reminded – even in the darkest of times.