Monthly Archives: December 2011


This morning I read this:

And this paragraph stuck in my heart:
The truth is, the story of a King born a baby in a barn is not something we need our best clothes on to hear, or something we need to put on the highest, unreachable shelf.  Yes this story is precious and requires reverence and awe when we really sit and contemplate all that God has done to win back rebellious people.  But, I never want to forget that He came to our filth.  Our dysfunction.  He was born right into our complex, broken lives.  Emmanuel.  God with us.  God with the distracted.  The greedy.  The back-talking children.  The moms who fall asleep at night wondering if they could possibly fail more.  God with the ones with secrets.  The ones who feel left out.  The ones who think they will never measure up.  The ones with failing marriages.  The insecure.  The mean.  The ones who never seem to learn.  He came here.  He was born in the middle of our junk.  He came to be God with us.  God in the middle of our homes.  The middle of our living rooms.  Right in the middle of the madness and mess…He came.  Emmanuel.  God with humans who are so utterly…hopelessly…human.  He was born to a teenage mother who probably would have forgotten to take her prenatal vitamins.