In Love

I am so in love with my kids.  Do you remember the first moment that you laid eyes on your baby and your heart swelled?  There were no words to describe the love.   I have always loved my children but it’s so easy to get caught up in living the day-to-day life that you miss out on really seeing your child – really loving them.  Does that make sense? 

I know that I have been extremely busy since moving back – especially with a full-time job outside the home plus my full-time job at home.  It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped to study each of my children and to just rejoice in who they are, what they’ve accomplished, where they are going in life.  I’m trying, each day, to take some time to think about each one of them – to really focus in on them.   And I find myself falling deeper in love with them. 

It’s not that they are being “good” or that they’ve done something sweet.  It’s who they are.   I am in awe of what God is doing in their lives.  I fall so short as a mother that is only by God’s grace that I can parent.  I see His love and grace stamped all over each of my children.  I am so blessed to be in their lives and to have them in mine.  I am so in love.


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