Monthly Archives: July 2011

Happy, happy Birthday

Dear Chickie,

 Happy Birthday!  You are now 12 years old.  You have grown up so much this year but especially over the summer.  Physically you’ve grown quite a bit.  You’re just a smidge shorter than I am and it drives you nuts.  You want to be taller.  You’ve grown more than just physically.  I see you handling situation less like a child and more like an adult.  You interact well with other adults.

You still have your eye on a career in veterinary sciences.  You love all animals but especially horses.  I think you’ve read a hundred horse novels and watched just as many horse movies.  It’s hard to tell if you’ll outgrow this phase like so many girls do or if you will stick with it.

It’s so hard to put into words the change I’ve seen in you.  It happened when you were a toddler too.  One day you were my baby and then one morning I woke up and that baby was gone and replaced by this little preschooler.  My little child is gone and has been replaced by a young lady.

I am always so proud of you.

I suppose I should record some of your favorites…  You still love purple… including purple hair!  You love horses.  And dogs.  And cats.  And snakes.  This list could go on and on.  You still devour books.  It would have been fun to keep an ongoing list of all the books you’ve read.  It would be quite the list already.  You like to swim, ride your bike, ride the dirt bike, and draw.  Lots of drawing going on at our house.  And, of course, you draw a lot of horses.

I love you more than you can possibly know.