Double Digits

Happy Birthday Boy!

You’ll notice that I’m writing this a few days late.  That’s okay… we had a busy weekend celebrating your birthday.  You’re on a bit of a down cycle with your moods and I wasn’t sure how your big day was going to pan out.  The plan was to invite ZDude over to spend the night and then go to Castles ‘n’ Coasters – which quickly changed to Big Surf.  I had allowed Chickie to invite her two besties over for a sleepover on the same night.  I thought it would help to keep the girls out of your way but you weren’t too sure about that.  Sometimes mother knows best and in the case it was the right call.  I kept the girls occupied with scrapbooking while you and ZDude bounced from the Wii to Legos to basketball to the great outdoors. 

The next day you were all set to spend the day at the waterpark.  We got there just after lunch and stayed until about dinner time.  You boys spent most of the time in the giant wave pool body surfing each wave.  You’d take a break and go ride a few slides but eventually you end up back in the wave pool.  In the parking lot you commented that you could still feel the waves pushing and pulling. 

Not once did your mood get the best of you.  You were patient and kind and energetic.  You didn’t whine or beg or complain or get angry.  I tell you a thousand times and I will tell you a thousand more… I love you.  Period.  I know I focus on your moods so much because that is what is woven throughout our days but whether you’re up or down or sideways… I love you. 

I am proud that you were Student of the Year.  You did great on your report card – mostly B’s and a couple of A’s and lots of E’s.  Your reading skills have greatly improved.  I’ve even caught you reading for fun.  You still love going to Auntie’s house and being the man of the house.  Now that Uncle has his own place you’re up there as often as you can go.  You come home with all sorts of treasures… fossils, bones, sticks, rocks. 

 You still love riding your bike and finding things to turn into ramps and jumps.  Basketball remains a favorite sport although you did run track this year.  You came in 2nd in the 800 after having just run a 200 sprint.  Way to go!  You’ve also started a Hip Hop class.  It’s a lot of fun and you enjoy going each week.

I can’t say it enough.  I love you!  I am so proud of you my son and I’m excited to see what this next year brings.
Much love,


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