Doing my Duty

It is my duty as a parent to brag about my children.  I’m just going to jump right in….

All three of my children were selected as Student of the Month at one time or another during this past year.  Like any parent, I was extremely proud.  I never wanted to be one of those parents who drives a minivan with peeling bumper stickers that proclaim “My child was student of the month at ABC Elementary”.  Even when they were the SotM.  Yes, I was proud but I didn’t see the need to plaster it on my car.

But today?  Today I get it.  I want a banner wrapped around my car to proclaim “My son is Student of the YEAR!”  I am so incredibly proud of The Boy.  I’ve shared here some of the struggles we’ve had this year with him.  I know that some days can be really tough on him.  But he doesn’t use that as an excuse.  He still chooses to rise above his struggles to be the best that he can be.  

I actually knew about a week ago that he had been selected as Student of the Year but I didn’t fully understand the process.  Today it was explained to me that the teachers in each grade selected one student and the students all selected one student.  Then each grade voted between the two candidates.  From 2nd grade through 8th grade there is a Student of the Year for each grade.  Then, each of those students were voted on by the faculty and staff of the school to select one overall student… and that student in my son.

I am so proud of each of my children.  As a parent I (hopefully) helped to build a strong foundation for my kids but from the moment they became mobile I lost more and more control over their lives.  They stand on their own two feet.  The choices that they make are entirely their own.  They are choosing to have strong character.  They are choosing to make healthy choices in their lives.  I am thankful that they are sowing some of the fruit for their efforts.   I continue to pray for them, for the decisions that they will make in life.


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