Monthly Archives: April 2011

Plus One

Our family has grown.  No I’m not pregnant.  And no, we didn’t add any more animals.  We have actually added a part-time child to our gang. 

Chickie has two best friends at her school.  The three of them are joined at the hip and conspire to spend every waking hour together.  Ms. B lives only a few miles away and Macintosh is just down the street.  (not their real names)  They are both good kids and I’m happy for Chickie. 

While getting to know the families of the two girls we’ve learned that the home of Macintosh does not have the type of environment I would like to expose my daughter to.  The mother is nice as can be but there are choices being made that we aren’t comfortable with.  Chickie is very aware of the situation and is quite happy to have her friend come to our house.  As school has progressed Macintosh has spent more and more time in our home.  At least once a week, if not two or three, she spends the night (even on school nights).  She is polite and respectful and even pitches in with the chores.  We love having her over and even more so we love that we can provide a safe, loving place for her.

I love having a house full of children.  Now I just have to figure out how I can add about 3 or 4 more!


Random Wildlife

A list of the wildlife found in our yard.

King snake
Nightshade (?) snake
Ground squirrel
Tail-less whip scorpion
Quail (on our roof!)
Peach faced parrot