I love it when the things you need are free!  One of the homes on our block was a rental but the original owner is in the process of moving back in.  She’s cleaning out all of the junk that past tenants have left behind.  What first caught our eye was a giant fish tank.  My hubby ran over and talked to the owner and she said, “Take whatever you want.  I just want it gone!”  So that’s how we scored a free 120 gallon fish tank.  As much as I would LOVE to keep it there’s no where to put a tank that big in our house.  The plan is to clean it up and sell it on Craigslist and use that money to buy the board and batten for the family room.  Essentially that will be free.  Score! 

While we were digging the fish tank out of the pile o’ junk we discovered a pile of baseboards.  We dug those out and discovered that they were brand new, primered, fancy baseboards.  There were probably 20 pieces of 8ft long boards.  Exactly the type that we wanted for the family and dining rooms.  Score!

The final freebie was a chunk of new carpet.  My hubby is in the process of building a small cat tower.  Part of it will have rope for scratching but he needed carpet to cover the rest.  He was going to buy some remnant pieces.  Now he doesn’t have to do that.  Score!


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