Let’s face it… girls can be master manipulators.  Case in point.

The Boy has had a girlfriend at school for a couple of months.  Now he’s in the fourth grade and I don’t really think there’s anything to this boyfriend/girlfriend relationship other than the fact that they have a little crush on each other.  Sometimes they sit by each other at lunch but there’s no actual dating going on.  They don’t even write notes or email each other. 

A week or two ago I found out that she had broken up with him.  With a shrug of his shoulders he casually told me that she ended their relationship because he wouldn’t go down the slide with her.  She told him he wasn’t manly enough.  It was so hard to not bust out laughing right then and there.  My nine year old son isn’t manly?!  No… he’s NINE for Pete’s sake!

I’m glad he didn’t give in to her manipulation.  He did what he wanted to do, remained polite to her, and stood his ground.  Yeah, I’d like to think that… more likely is the fact that he thinks his peach fuzz armpits and his lone facial hair whisker makes him manly enough… he doesn’t need no stinkin’ slide to make him a man!


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