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I was going to post pictures today of the new dress that I made for Beans.  Unfortunately the pics that I snapped with my phone are way over exposed.  I’ll have to try again later.

I can’t leave you picture-less though…

My little tomboy doesn’t let a dress get in the way of her monkey bar fun!  We are trying to figure out how to install one of these in her bedroom.  The girl seriously loves to hang upside down.  It makes me smile to see her flipped over in her mary janes and dress.  This picture in particular makes me smile because that bar is a good 6 feet off of the ground.  She shimmied her way up the side pole, grabbed the bar, monkied her feet up and over, and flipped down. 

“Mom!  Mom!  You gotta come watch me!”  I’m glad I did!



I love it when the things you need are free!  One of the homes on our block was a rental but the original owner is in the process of moving back in.  She’s cleaning out all of the junk that past tenants have left behind.  What first caught our eye was a giant fish tank.  My hubby ran over and talked to the owner and she said, “Take whatever you want.  I just want it gone!”  So that’s how we scored a free 120 gallon fish tank.  As much as I would LOVE to keep it there’s no where to put a tank that big in our house.  The plan is to clean it up and sell it on Craigslist and use that money to buy the board and batten for the family room.  Essentially that will be free.  Score! 

While we were digging the fish tank out of the pile o’ junk we discovered a pile of baseboards.  We dug those out and discovered that they were brand new, primered, fancy baseboards.  There were probably 20 pieces of 8ft long boards.  Exactly the type that we wanted for the family and dining rooms.  Score!

The final freebie was a chunk of new carpet.  My hubby is in the process of building a small cat tower.  Part of it will have rope for scratching but he needed carpet to cover the rest.  He was going to buy some remnant pieces.  Now he doesn’t have to do that.  Score!

“Make it work people!”

I have been having so much fun sewing dresses for my daughter.  She loves to wear dresses and frequently asks to go outside and play.  She doesn’t own very many play dresses so most of them are too nice to let her go play outside.  The solution?  Make her a bunch of cheap play dresses that she can romp around in.  The problem?  I don’t do patterns.  I needed something simple but still cute.  The perfect solution?  This.

I modified the design to eliminate the elastic and binding.  All that’s needed for the tops of these dresses is a pretty ribbon.  Several of these only cost me $.75 and the most expensive one was only $1.49.  Inexpensive?  Check.  Simple?  Check.  Cute?  Check!

p.s. Bonus points if you know who I was quoting in the title of this post!


Let’s face it… girls can be master manipulators.  Case in point.

The Boy has had a girlfriend at school for a couple of months.  Now he’s in the fourth grade and I don’t really think there’s anything to this boyfriend/girlfriend relationship other than the fact that they have a little crush on each other.  Sometimes they sit by each other at lunch but there’s no actual dating going on.  They don’t even write notes or email each other. 

A week or two ago I found out that she had broken up with him.  With a shrug of his shoulders he casually told me that she ended their relationship because he wouldn’t go down the slide with her.  She told him he wasn’t manly enough.  It was so hard to not bust out laughing right then and there.  My nine year old son isn’t manly?!  No… he’s NINE for Pete’s sake!

I’m glad he didn’t give in to her manipulation.  He did what he wanted to do, remained polite to her, and stood his ground.  Yeah, I’d like to think that… more likely is the fact that he thinks his peach fuzz armpits and his lone facial hair whisker makes him manly enough… he doesn’t need no stinkin’ slide to make him a man!

A Treat

I can’t wait to see Beans today.  Our kids normal buy school lunches but occassionally they will ask if they can pack their lunch.  All weekend Beans was begging to pack her lunch for today.  Last night she reminded us – yet again – that she wanted to bring her lunch so we set about making a sandwich and slicing up an orange.  This morning as my hubby was bagging it all up I asked him to slip a chocolate covered strawberry into her lunch as a surprise for her.  I can’t wait to hear how this small treat made her day 🙂

How about you?  Had any treats lately?