Checking One off the To-Do List

Guess what I did this weekend?  Besides supervise a sleep over and take a trip to the ER.  And, no, the two events were not related.  No, I did something much more fun.  I finished the entry way bench! 

Remember this?

I scored this bench on Craigslist from a family that had been using it at their breakfast table.  The back was no longer upholstered but other than that it was in great shape.  A week ago my niece came over to work on a project of her own so I dragged out my bench and sanded along side of her.  My sanding project was much easier.  All those flat surfaces made for easy sanding.  Once it was sanded and wiped down I busted out the paint. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of this step.  The paint I was using hadn’t been mixed correctly and it came out as a dark grey.  If the bench was going to live in my bedroom it would’ve been perfect but since the family room furniture is either red or black the grey wasn’t going to cut it.  At least it worked as a nice primer.  My darling hubby picked up some black spray paint and gave it all a good coat of paint.  Once that dried I took some sandpaper to it and roughed up the edges and lightly distressed the flat surfaces – letting the grey peek out.  Then my hubby sealed it all up with a clear coat. 

Then the real fun started.  I had my Ty Pennington fabric ready to go.  Not only did I have to center the design… I had to do it twice!  My hubby had also picked up some thin plywood and cut it down to size.  I used a thin batton and then wrapped that fabric up and around and stapled it down. 

I am smitten!

Isn’t she lovely?  Sigh…

Next up… custom fitting the slip cover on the couch.  I’ve lived with the stripes for a few weeks and I love them almost as much as my bench but I hate the sloppy look of a slip cover.  In the next week or two I’ll pin it, trim it, and sew it to create a custom fit for my couch.  Wish me luck!


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