A Quick Peek

The fabric I ordered for the entryway bench (see previous post) is due to arrive on Valentine’s Day.  I cannot wait!  I suppose in the meantime I should actually paint the bench and get it ready for the fabric inlay.  I actually remembered to snap some pictures this morning to give ya’ll some idea of what the new space looks like.  We’ll start with the bench….  Those two white squares in the back are where the fabric will go.

The black finish that I want to do on the bench will match the two black end tables that I have in the room.

My inspiration for the entryway came from Centsational Girl:

We’re copying the board and batton, the hooks, the bench, and even the giant pictures.  Love, love, love it!!

Our color scheme is obviously different.  Here is the wall color that will be above the b&b:

I don’t think the picture accurately portrays the color.  You’ll just have to trust me that it’s the perfect blue grey.  I had been searching and search for just the right shade.  And then… it hit me.  The perfect color had been in front of me the entire time.  Where did I find such a delicious blue?  On Monk!  The USA Network was even so kind as to post the Benjamin Moore color online so I could match it exactly.  So now we call our color “Monk Blue”.

Here are the textiles that we are using:

This is on the wing back chairs and this picture does nothing for the color.  They are a very light grey blue and with the blue walls they look even more grey than blue.  And of course the flash made the tone on tone seashells pop.  They aren’t really that bright.  The seashells are a slight nod to the Nantucket style that I am drawn to.

This is the slipcover on our sofa.  This was a big leap for me.  Stripes?  Oooookay I’ll try it.  And I love it!  It’s funny that the green stripe appears to match the wingback chairs but in reality they are nothing alike.  The blue stripe perfectly matches the wall color and the red pulls in our accent.  The slipcover is slightly sloppy which drives me nuts.  I’m going to beg my mother to come over and help me pin it up and sew it into a tighter fit.  The texture has a natural feel and matches the curtains.

I made these curtains for our living room and they work perfectly in the new family room.  They are made out of drop cloths.  Cheap and simple!

Finally I’ll give you some snapshots of the furniture and lighting.

This is our t.v. cabinet.  I’ve thought about painting it and roughing it up a bit.  But since I don’t plan on keeping it in that room I decided not to paint it.  Someday the plan is to get a flatscreen t.v. for that wall and then the cabinet will go.

I still have my coffee table made from a door.  This is the main reason why we wanted to keep the accent color red.  I love this table!  Not only does the red match, the blue that peeks through matches too.

Yes, this has been spraypainted bright orange.  My parents rescued it for us and it’s another piece that I just love.  Those are all drawers with little brass label holders/handles.  We’ll have to take them all off and refinish the wood.  Right now this is sitting next to the t.v. cabinet and someday it will sit under the flatscreen t.v. to hold the dvd player and Wii.

This is the chandelier that’s over the dining room table.  My hubby found it at the Goodwill and he gave it a new coat of paint.  We just need to get replacement glass.  I’m thinking about going with these.

The final piece will be the flooring.  I cannot wait to rip out this gross disgusting carpet.  It’s a dark chocolate brown and it is so matted that vacuuming it doesn’t almost nothing.  Luckily it’s only in the family room and hallway.  We haven’t completely decided what we’re going to do but I’ve been leaning towards a walnut wood flooring.  Something like this:

I like the rich tone.  Plus I also like that I wouldn’t have to worry about the kids or animals dinging it up.  We currently have a neutral area rug that will continue to work on top of the wood floor.  Eventually I’d like to replace it with something more stylish but as you’ve seen, I have plenty of other projects to finish up before I worry about the rug.

So that’s it.  A quick peek into our living space.  As it starts to come together more I’ll take more pictures to share.

UPDATED:  I just scored a FREE set of french doors from Craigslist.  Yee-haw!!!  Part of our future renovations include plans to incorporate the exterior laundry room into the house.  Part of that requires we move an exterior door from the dining room (currently goes out to the laundry room) to make a hallway to connect the two rooms.  We still need a door to get into the backyard and rather than use the existing solid door we’ll use the french door.  Not only is it prettier – it will let in more natural light.


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