Hey did you know that I like to read?  Yeah, just a little bit.  But lately I haven’t had anything good to read.  I need some suggestions from you peeps.  So this is what I’m going to do.  I’ll share a bit about some of my favorite books and you can share a bit about some of your favorite books and hopefully we can all add a few new ones to our bookshelves.  Okay?  Alrighty then, let’s get started.

Crazy Love – Francis Chan
Forgotten God – Francis Chan
Generally I’m not a huge fan on Non-Fiction but these two books really hit home for me.  I’ve talked about them both here on this blog before so I won’t go into great detail about them.  Crazy Love talks about how much God loves us and how things we do should be in response to that Love.  Forgotten God is about the Holy Spirit and how He moves in our lives.

Currently I’m reading 1984 – George Orwell.  I’ve never read it before and thought it was probably about time I did.  Gotta say that I’m not that crazy about it.  The overall story line is fine but being stuck in Winston’s mind is rather boring.
Next up on my reading list is Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy.  Again, it’s another one I haven’t read and I think it’s about time that I did.

I used to be a HUGE fan of Stephen King – as my bookshelf can attest to – but I haven’t read any of his recent works.  I have a new (to me anyway) book sitting on my shelf that I haven’t even cracked open yet.  My favorite SK book(s) is the Dark Tower series.  The overall story line is intriguing but even more fun is the fact that he ties in characters and plots from many of his other books.  He even incorporates himself as the author into the story. 
I also really like Ted Dekker.  He’s kind of the Christian version of Stephen King.  I like the suspense and the mystery of his stories.  I think my fave from him is probably the Circle Trilogy: Black, Red, and White.  There’s also Green now but I haven’t read that one yet.
My mom started loaning me books from Sue Grafton’s alphabet series featuring Kinsey Millhone.  They’re mystery books and a rather easy read.  Kind of like brain candy.  Good for zoning out for a bit but not very filling.

Have you caught on yet that I really enjoy books that are part of a series? 

Of course we can’t forget Harry Potter and Twilight (yes, Twilight).  Again, series.  Not that I don’t enjoy stand alone books.  The Time Traveller’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger and her second book (but not a series) Her Fearful Symmetry – Audrey Niffenegger.  Time Rep – Peter Ward (eBook) was another brain candy book.   I actually have read quite a few eBooks that were interesting.  Unfortunately I don’t keep copies of them and I don’t recall their titles.

So there you have it.  A quick review of some of the books that I have enjoyed.  What’s on your shelf?


One response to “Books

  • Alyssa

    Thanks for the ideas! I have “Crazy Love” on my shelf right now, unread. I need to pick it up!

    I have to recommend the book, “Families Where Grace is in Place” by Jeff VanVonderen. It’s AMAZING. Totally changed our life.

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