An Update

Everything is progressing nicely.  The rock wall out front is growing foot by foot and should be finished by 2013.  The bedroom swap has been completed.  Sort of.  The beds and dressers have all moved but the miscellaneous bit and pieces have not.  We still have two couches in our family room with our king sized bed.  Good thing it’s a huge room!  The new family room has two new (to us anyway) wingback chairs that I love and the t.v. is in place.  Our plan was to sell the two couches, along with the coffee table and two bookshelves, but they aren’t moving on Craigslist.  Probably because everybody and their mother is selling the same couch.  Ug.  So.  To improvise I bought a slipcover today and I’m going to try using one of our couches in the new family room.  I’m not crazy about slipcovers but I think this will do for now.  Or at least until I’ve pulled out all of my hair.  The next step is to tear down the partial wall that divides the dining room and new family room.  Let the destruction begin! 

We had our talk.  It went as well as can be expected.  She apologized to her friend and they are buddy-buddy again.  She informed her boyfriend that Mom & Dad said there’s no dating and now he’s not speaking to her.  Oh the drama.  I would rather protect her heart and deal with a little drama than to continue to let her go down the path she was headed.  She’s still off of email for awhile and we’re still working out some of the finer points of her discipline. 

The Boy
We haven’t done the evaluation.  Things have been holding steady.  He still struggles with his anger and frustration but a lot of the disrespect has died down.  He got another Student of the Month award.  This time for Citizenship.  

The Job
Technically my hubby is still employed but he’s not working anywhere.  They don’t have any openings – at least not until June.  In the meantime he picked up a job painting the exterior of a friend’s house.  And.  He’s finally going to sign up with Pampered Chef.  Woo-hoo!  He’s so excited.  

The House – no, the other house
We’re finally getting our house in Roanoke listed with a Realtor.  Us?  Procrastinate?  Never.  Anyone want to buy a fixer-upper in Roanoke??


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