Oh Chickie

The hubby and I discovered last night that our Chickie is not making wise decisions in her social life.  Boys are involved.  Best friends are involved.  Lies and secrets, disrespect and hurtful words.  Sigh.  It makes me so sad.  Part of me wants to let nature take its course – let her learn from the mistakes she is making.  But these aren’t math problems… these are people’s feelings she’s hurting.  It’s time to step in and parent. 

I’m glad that my hubby advised that we wait until tonight to talk to her.  Last night I was too upset and I’m sure I wouldn’t have handled it well.  I know I wouldn’t have because even after a good night’s sleep I’m still struggling with how to approach her, what words to say, what discipline to use.  I know that she needs to make apologies, she needs time off from her email, and needs to mature more before ‘dating’.  But how to wrap that all up and present it to her in a way that she will listen and take it to heart… 

I know that this all sounds like big drama when in the big scheme of things it’s a small thing.  But I know that one small step off of the path can lead to another step and another until pretty soon she’s on the wrong path altogether.  My hubby and I have been leery of the teen years.  We know that the training wheels are off and Chickie has to learn to balance and steer but we’re still here to guide her and encourage her.  The foundation has been laid and how she learns to steer her life now will affect how she drives as an adult.  So that’s why we’re taking this little thing and using it to teach her.

I need to spend some time praying… asking the Holy Spirit to be at work in her heart, asking for a soft heart for me and a gentle tongue.


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