Monthly Archives: January 2011

An Update

Everything is progressing nicely.  The rock wall out front is growing foot by foot and should be finished by 2013.  The bedroom swap has been completed.  Sort of.  The beds and dressers have all moved but the miscellaneous bit and pieces have not.  We still have two couches in our family room with our king sized bed.  Good thing it’s a huge room!  The new family room has two new (to us anyway) wingback chairs that I love and the t.v. is in place.  Our plan was to sell the two couches, along with the coffee table and two bookshelves, but they aren’t moving on Craigslist.  Probably because everybody and their mother is selling the same couch.  Ug.  So.  To improvise I bought a slipcover today and I’m going to try using one of our couches in the new family room.  I’m not crazy about slipcovers but I think this will do for now.  Or at least until I’ve pulled out all of my hair.  The next step is to tear down the partial wall that divides the dining room and new family room.  Let the destruction begin! 

We had our talk.  It went as well as can be expected.  She apologized to her friend and they are buddy-buddy again.  She informed her boyfriend that Mom & Dad said there’s no dating and now he’s not speaking to her.  Oh the drama.  I would rather protect her heart and deal with a little drama than to continue to let her go down the path she was headed.  She’s still off of email for awhile and we’re still working out some of the finer points of her discipline. 

The Boy
We haven’t done the evaluation.  Things have been holding steady.  He still struggles with his anger and frustration but a lot of the disrespect has died down.  He got another Student of the Month award.  This time for Citizenship.  

The Job
Technically my hubby is still employed but he’s not working anywhere.  They don’t have any openings – at least not until June.  In the meantime he picked up a job painting the exterior of a friend’s house.  And.  He’s finally going to sign up with Pampered Chef.  Woo-hoo!  He’s so excited.  

The House – no, the other house
We’re finally getting our house in Roanoke listed with a Realtor.  Us?  Procrastinate?  Never.  Anyone want to buy a fixer-upper in Roanoke??


Oh Chickie

The hubby and I discovered last night that our Chickie is not making wise decisions in her social life.  Boys are involved.  Best friends are involved.  Lies and secrets, disrespect and hurtful words.  Sigh.  It makes me so sad.  Part of me wants to let nature take its course – let her learn from the mistakes she is making.  But these aren’t math problems… these are people’s feelings she’s hurting.  It’s time to step in and parent. 

I’m glad that my hubby advised that we wait until tonight to talk to her.  Last night I was too upset and I’m sure I wouldn’t have handled it well.  I know I wouldn’t have because even after a good night’s sleep I’m still struggling with how to approach her, what words to say, what discipline to use.  I know that she needs to make apologies, she needs time off from her email, and needs to mature more before ‘dating’.  But how to wrap that all up and present it to her in a way that she will listen and take it to heart… 

I know that this all sounds like big drama when in the big scheme of things it’s a small thing.  But I know that one small step off of the path can lead to another step and another until pretty soon she’s on the wrong path altogether.  My hubby and I have been leery of the teen years.  We know that the training wheels are off and Chickie has to learn to balance and steer but we’re still here to guide her and encourage her.  The foundation has been laid and how she learns to steer her life now will affect how she drives as an adult.  So that’s why we’re taking this little thing and using it to teach her.

I need to spend some time praying… asking the Holy Spirit to be at work in her heart, asking for a soft heart for me and a gentle tongue.

A Plan

You guys I’m so excited!!!  We have “A PLAN”.  Yes, you have to think of it in all caps.  Because it is grand.  This PLAN is for our house.  I finally feel like we’re in a space that will allow us to fufill our design ideas. 

The front of the house is coming along nicely.  Those of you on Facebook may have seen the photoshopped picture of the house.  The one where I painted, rocked, graveled, and planted the vision of what we wanted to do.  I’d say that we’re probably at the halfway point.  So far we’ve spent a whopping $6 on a can of spray paint.  The rest has been FREE!  The house has been transformed from a light blue and dark peach to a lovely tan with contrasting terra cotta trim.  The light fixture, house numbers and barn star have been given a fresh coat of paint (the $6) in “Hammered Bronze” although the kids argue it looks black.  Whatever.  We’re about halfway across the front of the house with the rock veneer.  That.  Ug.  It looks so lovely but it takes f o r e v e r. 

So what’s left?  The rest of the rock veneer.  Ripping out the grass.  Shoveling in gravel.  Cutting down the orange tree and hopefully the two palm trees.  Adding bird of paradise and some other random deserty plants.  Oh, and the mailbox.  It needs to be replanted and painted.  Adding window screens to the bedroom windows.  Eventually we’d like to enclose the carport and make it into a garage but that will probably be in phase 2 or 3.

The front of the house went through the planning stage and then into the rock ‘n’ roll stage and it’s all very exciting.  But.  Then.  We devised the “PLAN”.  Oh I am so excited.  The PLAN is for the inside of the house.  It’s going to revolutionize our lives.  Ok, maybe not really… but just maybe it will. 

We currently have three bedrooms, a living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen.  All separate and divided by walls.  It feels very choppy and doesn’t flow.  Plus did you catch the part about only having three bedrooms?  Right now our kids are in a stage that they don’t always get along 100% of the time (imagine that!) and they need their own space.  Our short term plan has been to move Beans into the living room.  Now when you walk into our house you enter into her bedroom.  We moved a daybed and dresser into the front room and allotted the coat closet to her clothes.  It’s okay.  It works for now but we can’t continue to live like this indefinately.  Enter the PLAN. 

Our large family room is going to become the new master bedroom.  A fireplace.  In my bedroom.  (Do you hear the angels singing?)  We will have to build two closets and at some point we’ll add a master bath.  Moving our master bedroom will open up three bedrooms for the kids.  Joy!  By taking away the family room it will leave us with our tiny closed off living room.  Enter the PLAN.  We will knock down the wall dividing the dining room and living room – creating a great room.  We will also change the floor plan of the kitchen.  Taking it from a galley to an L shape kitchen – adding to the great room feel.  Design details include fresh colored paint, removing the popcorn ceiling,  new wood flooring, a chandelier, and board & batten walls. 

There will be some cost involved but a lot of the changes can happen with little to no money.  Many of the changes will happen in phases – like the kitchen floorplan.  When we move the kitchen around we’ll use the existing cabinetry but at some point the plan is to get new cabinets.  We’re also going to be doing some downsizing and decluttering. 

First things first though.  We have to get everything into ABC order and prioritize our PLAN.  Part of the sub-PLAN will be to document everything and share it here… how-to’s, design dilemmas, and successes.

Be back soon!