Just when I was getting back in the swing of things over here I disappear again.  Sorry!

We’ve had some heavy stuff going on and I’ve been preoccupied.  My father spent the last week in the hospital with a collapsed lung.  They couldn’t get it inflated without doing surgery.  During the surgery the doctor found emphysema in both lungs.  He cut out a portion from the collapsed lung.  After a slow recovery he is finally home today.  My mom said he slept over 2 hours.  It’ s hard to get any decent sleep in the hospital and I’m sure he was happy to see his own bed again!  It was a bummer not having him home for Thanksgiving but I was glad it was the kids’ break.  Chickie spent every day with my mom.  She doesn’t like being alone and Chickie was the perfect companion for her.

We have another issue going on closer to home.  It occupies my every thought and makes it difficult to want to write about anything else.  Until we’ve worked through it I don’t want to share anything.  Just be in prayer for us as we seek answers.


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