The Boy isn’t going to lag behind his sister.  He is now the Student of the Month.  The character trait for this month is Responsibility.  Oh my.  It just cracks me up that Chickie gets Trustworthiness – something that we’re really working on at home.  The Boy gets Responsibility – something that we’re really working on at home! 

He has, quite possibly, the worst family chore.  He’s on poop patrol.  The hubby has assigned him this chore and asks that the litter boxes get cleaned daily and the backyard every other day.  Oh the horror!  Some days it goes smoothly, without any grumbling.  But most days it is a battle. 

We tried teaching him responsibility with his bike.  He could ride it all he wanted but he needed to put it away each night in the shed.  The first couple of times he left it out we would either put it away or remind him.  But after awhile it was up to him.  This was when we were living in Virginia.  Do you know why Virginia is so green?  Because it rains farily regularly there.  Do you know what rain does to a bike?  It makes it rust.  We thought that the natural consequence from leaving his bike out would teach him to take better care of his things.  Nope.

Enter the poop patrol.  This time we’re not leaving him on his own.  He is reminded constantly.  It’s either going to teach him to be responsible and to take care of his pets.  Or, when he grows up, he’ll never own a pet. 

As every parent knows, your child is different at home than he is in public.  I can see how both kids earned their Student of the Month awards.  While they may not display their character traits at home I know that they are learning them because they do display them at school.  All three kids work hard at school and try their best.  And that’s what makes me proud.  Yes I’m please that they’ve won awards but what I take joy in is seeing them work hard, being compassionate and polite, their wonder and excitement over new facts.

Congratulations Boy!  I am so proud of you and I love you so much!


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