Park Reflections

Between the depression and the meds all I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.  My hubby is awesome and he would let me crash any time I asked.  But I have three kids.  I don’t want them to grow up and remember their childhood as a time that Mommy slept all the time.  I want to be with them.  I want to watch them interact with the world.  So yesterday after we picked them up from their after school homework club we stopped by the local pizza place, picked up a few pies and headed to one of their favorite parks.  After they demolished the pizza they were off and running. 

The Boy had brought his football and he convinced his dad to throw it around with him.  I sat and watched my Boy.  It’s so easy for me to see him grow up.  I can picture him as a teenager… playing sports, goofing with friends, dating girls… growing up.  It’s not just physically that I see him growing up either.  He’s maturing.  He used to be this shy child that stuttered.  He’s not the most outgoing boy but in his own quiet way he becomes Mr. Popular.  I think it’s because of how he treats people.  He has a gentle heart.  At his parent teacher conference the teacher explained that the kids sit at tables of four.  The Boy was seated with a very talkative trouble maker and two girls.  The girls had long since abandoned the table to sit elsewhere in the class but The Boy is tolerant and has stuck it out.  He said he just smiles at Mr. TalksALot and goes back to his work.  He just gets along with everyone.  That is a trait I admire and adore in him.

Beans finished her pizza and immediately beelined for the swings.  She could probably spend hours just swinging.  We’re going to have to see what we can do about getting a swing in our yard.  She swings as high as she can, grinning ear to ear.  She’s a daredevil – always willing to try something new.  She’s also independent but not a loner.  She likes to have people around and she does like to play with friends but she also has no problem going about doing her own thing.  I don’t see her caving to peer pressure.  My little Beans is her own person.

It was probably the most interesting to watch Chickie.  She’s in the awkward state of preteen – no longer a child and not quite a teenager.  She was the last to finish eating and she hesitated before heading to the field with The Boy and her Daddy.  She must have felt she didn’t quite fit in because she headed off to the playground.  I saw her swing with Beans for a bit and then she disappeared into the jungle gym.  She reappeared and headed back to the field.  Standing on the edge she watched them toss the football back and forth a few times.  She did a few cartwheels calling out “watch this Daddy!”.  Eventually she made her way back to the picnic table where I was sitting.  She was restless though.  I encouraged her to go back and play.  She found her way back to the swings and then back to the table.  I can see her struggle… too old for the babies on the playground, not interested in the sports on the field, and no text book in sight.  Yes, you read that right.  She was eager to get home to work on more homework.  This girl devours books.  A girl after my own heart.  Except she takes it further… she even enjoys non-fiction.  My husband leaves the room when Chickie and I start talking science.  He says we use too many big words.  I love my little nerd 😉  Her conferences were a little different.  We went to her homeroom where she led the conference.  She had set goals, evaluated her performance and set new goals for the next quarter.  After discussing that her homeroom teacher came to our table to review her report card and answer any of our questions.  Instead of writing their own comments each of the teachers write numbers that correspond to a pre-written comment.  Mr. C said he had never seen so many 2’s on a report card.  The 2’s stood for “works independently and stays on task”.  He complimented her and told her that was a sign of intelligence.  For a child that is so easily distracted (Look!  Something shiny!) it was quite impressive.  I am so proud of her!  I am grateful that in this awkward stage of growing up she has this part of her life that she really shines.

I lasted until about 6:30 before my eyelids became too heavy.  We packed it up and headed home.  Chores were completed, homework finished, showers taken, teeth brushed and bedtime stories read.  Finally.  Time for bed.


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