Happy Birthday Beans

Dear Beans, 

I really cannot believe that you are seven years old.  I still think of you as my baby and it catches me off guard when I stop to really look at you and I don’t see my baby any more.  Instead I see a little girl.  You have ideas and opinions of your own.  You have your own friends and social circle.  You take a shower by yourself and no longer require any help with your hair.  I don’t remember telling you that you could grow up.  

But in many ways you are still my baby.  You frequently baby talk – a habit we’re working on breaking.  You’re very much a snuggle bug.  Every night you beg to crawl into my bed “just to sleep a little while”.  Tennis shoes throw you for a loop and you ask one of us to tie them for you.  Two of your teeth have fallen out and the adult teeth have taken their place.  But the rest of your teeth are still tiny baby teeth.  

We switched from home schooling to a charter school this year.  Wow what a difference!  While you absolutely hate getting up in the morning and getting ready… you absolutely love your teacher and  your friends.  Things are starting to click for you.  Especially math.  You’ve been adding and subtracting since last year so this year is a breeze.  Phonics, on the other hand, is a mystery.  You know your letters – reading and writing them – you know the sounds they make… but putting that all together stumps you.  If we ask you what makes the “g” sound you can identify the letter “g” (verbally or visually) but if we ask you to write the letter that says “g” it doesn’t click.  Your teacher, reading specialist and your parents are just as stumped.  We don’t know what’s going on in that little brain of yours.  No worries though.  I think that in good time it will all make sense to you and you’ll be reading like a superstar.  When you make up your mind to do something you give it your all and you master it – usually within a day. 

Everyone comments on what a ham you are.  You love to make people laugh.  Out of the blue you come up with these one liners that just cracks everyone up.  And forget taking a decent picture… when the camera points at  you your face just distorts and your tongue comes out and your eyes cross.  

I asked you yesterday if you felt like you were seven and you said, “No, not yet.”  I gave you a big squeeze and told you how much I loved you.  “Now, I’m seven!” 

Yes.  My little baby is now seven.

Happy Birthday Beans!  I pray that you keep your sense of humor.  I pray for your determination to stay strong.  And I pray that you stay true to who you are.

I love you!




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