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Workin 9 to 5

A few weeks ago the Hubby went to an interview for a popular chain store.  He and the manager hit it off and the Hubby came home sure that he would be offered the position.  The following day his phone remained silent and it ate at his ego.  He felt like such a failure.  Hearing that this job “just wasn’t meant to be” wasn’t much of a consolation. 

Fast forward to last week.  He received a call from the same chain – different location – different position – as in assistant manager position!  Once again he went to the interview and this time hit it off splendidly with the regional director.  He was promised a phone call one way or the other.  The next day his phone remained silent.  That was a long and torturous day.  But the day after… that was jubilent!  He was offered – and accepted – the assistant manager position. 

Yesterday he went to the store to fill out his employment paperwork and get a basic orientation.  Part of the training took place at the first location he interviewed where he ran into the first manager that interviewed him.  My first thought was – AWKWARD! But Hubby was pleased to learn it was that manager who called the regional director and recommended my hubby for the assistant manager position!

The chain store is planning on opening several more of these stores in the area.  The Hubby is planning on working his tail off to impress the powers that be in the hopes that he can move up to manager at one of the new locations.  I am so proud of him for putting on his game face at every interview, for staying strong despite the rejections, for stepping up to the plate and taking on this new challenge.  I am so proud of you babe, I love you!



The Boy isn’t going to lag behind his sister.  He is now the Student of the Month.  The character trait for this month is Responsibility.  Oh my.  It just cracks me up that Chickie gets Trustworthiness – something that we’re really working on at home.  The Boy gets Responsibility – something that we’re really working on at home! 

He has, quite possibly, the worst family chore.  He’s on poop patrol.  The hubby has assigned him this chore and asks that the litter boxes get cleaned daily and the backyard every other day.  Oh the horror!  Some days it goes smoothly, without any grumbling.  But most days it is a battle. 

We tried teaching him responsibility with his bike.  He could ride it all he wanted but he needed to put it away each night in the shed.  The first couple of times he left it out we would either put it away or remind him.  But after awhile it was up to him.  This was when we were living in Virginia.  Do you know why Virginia is so green?  Because it rains farily regularly there.  Do you know what rain does to a bike?  It makes it rust.  We thought that the natural consequence from leaving his bike out would teach him to take better care of his things.  Nope.

Enter the poop patrol.  This time we’re not leaving him on his own.  He is reminded constantly.  It’s either going to teach him to be responsible and to take care of his pets.  Or, when he grows up, he’ll never own a pet. 

As every parent knows, your child is different at home than he is in public.  I can see how both kids earned their Student of the Month awards.  While they may not display their character traits at home I know that they are learning them because they do display them at school.  All three kids work hard at school and try their best.  And that’s what makes me proud.  Yes I’m please that they’ve won awards but what I take joy in is seeing them work hard, being compassionate and polite, their wonder and excitement over new facts.

Congratulations Boy!  I am so proud of you and I love you so much!

She has my humor

I was explaining to Chickie that her summary of the book was more an in depth detailing of chapter one, paragraph one.  As she walked back to the table to re-write it she answered, “It was paragraph 18.”


I think I could become a vegetarian.  It’s not that I don’t like meat.  It’s more that meat doesn’t like me.  Which leaves me with chicken.  And when you eat chicken every night it tends to be overkill.  Unless you step it up with a Martha Stewart recipe.  Which I totally did last night.  Pulling up the skin on my whole chicken to tuck in my savory herbs did indeed make me feel all Martha Stewarty.  Oh and when that chicken came out of the oven all golden and juicy…  I definitely achieved the gold star from Ms. Stewart!  Yum!

Where were we?  Oh, right.  Vegetables.  Yes, I think I could easily give up the chicken goodness if I had my own garden of freshly grown veggies.  I sat here for quite awhile trying to think if there exists any vegetable so vile that I will not eat it.  I have some that are the bottom of my “will eat” list but I couldn’t really think of any that I could honestly say that I hate.  I’m not a racist.  I like them in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I’m not overly fond of collard greens, radishes, or the spicy hot peppers.  I would much rather be served up some squash – any of the varieties – preferably ALL of them!  Sweet potatoes… baked, fried, mashed, cubed, smothered in marshmallows… you name it, I’ll eat’em.  Even the dreaded green veggies are delicious.  Broccoli, asparagus, peas, brussel sprouts, soy beans, green beans.  Orange peppers dipped in ranch.  Loaded baked potatoes.  Sautéed onions and mushrooms.  Ah, the list could go on and on.  I love me some good ol’ veggies!  How about you?  Do you have a favorite?  A nemesis?

Meet The Girls

Last Wednesday I spotted an ad on Craigslist that tugged at my heart strings.  Someone had two puppies that they wanted to find a home for or they were going to the pound.  My hubby contacted them and we made arrangements to see the pups on Thursday.  My hubby and I are both fans of big dogs.  Little dogs tend to be yappy and bouncy and generally rather annoying.  Yes, I am aware that may not be true of every small dog but it’s been my experience with every one that I’ve met.  Needless to say we were a little apprehensive about seeing these 6 month old puppies.  We met the current owner at a park where he had both dogs in his car.  Neither one of the puppies barked or jumped around at the sight of us.  They sat there with goofy little grins on their faces.  They both slightly cowered when we went to pet them but overall seemed like happy little things.  We agreed to take them.  The owner explained that although they were 6 months old neither one had received any shots – but “that was okay because they haven’t been exposed to parvo”.

We’re not sure of their breed but they’re a mix of some sort of terrier.  Maybe some Yorkie.  The smaller of the two, Gizmo, had softer hair and more of a Yorkie face.  The larger of the two, Bow Wow, had wiry hair and her face was more of a classic terrier.  Neither of us could see calling her Bow Wow so we renamed her (Ugly) Betty Boop.

We put their blanket on the backseat of our car and they curled up for the ride home.  They never once moved or barked.  I had to go back to work so my hubby was on his own with the puppies.  He had to introduce them to our Great Dane, Max.  Of course all he wanted to do was sniff them.  I’m surprised he didn’t inhale one up his nose.  They soon discovered the game of chase and all three were happy as clams.

That afternoon my hubby called me to tell me he found ticks on Gizmo.  He immediately quarantined them to our dining room.  He sat with tweezers and picked off 38 of the little buggers.  Not once did Gizmo bite, growl, struggle or flinch.  Not even when he was digging in her ears or pulling them off of her eyelids.  The vet recommended Frontline and to keep at it with the tweezers and an appointment was set for Monday.  There were a few ticks on Betty but nothing like the dozens on Gizmo. 

Hubby emailed the original owners to let them know about the ticks.  They replied back that they were aware of the ticks and they had been battling them for more than a month.  Really?!  I was angry that they hadn’t told us that up front and I was angry that they let these poor pups suffer by not really taking care of the problem.

We got the Frontline on them and almost immediately saw the ticks start dying off.  Over the next day or two he pulled off probably another 20 ticks.  We noticed that Gizmo wasn’t as perky and we chalked it up to the ticks.  By Sunday morning she stopped eating.  We tried enticing her with wet food but she just turned her head away.  She was lethargic and would just lay on her bed or in the grass outside.  We knew that wasn’t a good sign.  Then she started throwing up.  Hubby loaded her up and took her to the emergency animal hospital.  He sent me texts from the waiting room “She has diarrhea now” and “She’s sick. Much worse now.”  The vet that saw her was heartbroken.  Gizmo was suffering and clearly not doing well.  A quick test confirmed that she had parvo.  Since Max was vaccinated he will be fine.  But Betty hasn’t been vaccinated yet and is still at risk.  The vet was amazed to hear the difference in their dispositions.  Betty is lively, active, eating, playful – no signs of parvo.  She said that it’s rare that one pup can have parvo and the other one doesn’t get it.  We cleaned up the yard and scrubbed down the house and we have a close eye on her.  She still has her normal vet appointment this afternoon and Hubby will discuss with our vet what we need to do to keep Betty healthy.  Gizmo was too sick to save and unfortunately Hubby had to make the decision to put her down.  It makes me so sad and angry that the previous owners didn’t take care of her.  If she’d had her shots at 5 weeks and been treated properly for the ticks she could have enjoyed a long, happy life.  I’m just glad that in her last few days she experienced loving care.

Betty on the left, Gizmo on the right


Any one that has come to my house before 9 a.m. knows that Beans is not a morning person.  She never has been.  If we let her sleep and wake according to her clock she would be up until midnight and sleep until 10 or 11 the next morning.  That’s her sleep pattern.  It’s also a big part of why we wanted to homeschool her.  Even when we can get her to fall asleep at a decent hour she’s still a bear in the mornings.  Luckily for us it doesn’t last long.  She’s all smiles by the time we’re loading up into the car.  She’s all smiles after school when she climbs back into the car. 

And then.

She loses it.  She’s held it together all day.  She’s in a safe environment to let it go.  And she does.  Big time.  Screaming, crying, tears, biting, spitting, whining, hitting, kicking.  It’s a full on two year old tantrum.  Sometimes the car ride is calm but as soon as she walks through the front door she melts down.  The length of the tantrum varies but usually it doesn’t last very long and then she’s our happy Beans again. 

At first I worried that maybe she was being bullied at school or a teacher was mistreating her.  I’ve put her to bed early and made sure she’s gotten plenty of rest.  I’m still at a loss as to the cause – although I believe some of it does have to do with being tired but that Mommy sense says there’s something else going on too.  I sat down and talked with her yesterday about how she feels at school and when she comes home.  She melted into my chest, arms wrapped around me while silent tears slid down her face.  We talked about what we can do to help her not feel so cranky.  She’s going to try to hold it together in the car and when she gets home she will lay on our bed and listen to music and read some books until she feels calm.  This afternoon will be the first attempt.  I’m hoping that’s what she needs – some quiet down time.

Park Reflections

Between the depression and the meds all I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.  My hubby is awesome and he would let me crash any time I asked.  But I have three kids.  I don’t want them to grow up and remember their childhood as a time that Mommy slept all the time.  I want to be with them.  I want to watch them interact with the world.  So yesterday after we picked them up from their after school homework club we stopped by the local pizza place, picked up a few pies and headed to one of their favorite parks.  After they demolished the pizza they were off and running. 

The Boy had brought his football and he convinced his dad to throw it around with him.  I sat and watched my Boy.  It’s so easy for me to see him grow up.  I can picture him as a teenager… playing sports, goofing with friends, dating girls… growing up.  It’s not just physically that I see him growing up either.  He’s maturing.  He used to be this shy child that stuttered.  He’s not the most outgoing boy but in his own quiet way he becomes Mr. Popular.  I think it’s because of how he treats people.  He has a gentle heart.  At his parent teacher conference the teacher explained that the kids sit at tables of four.  The Boy was seated with a very talkative trouble maker and two girls.  The girls had long since abandoned the table to sit elsewhere in the class but The Boy is tolerant and has stuck it out.  He said he just smiles at Mr. TalksALot and goes back to his work.  He just gets along with everyone.  That is a trait I admire and adore in him.

Beans finished her pizza and immediately beelined for the swings.  She could probably spend hours just swinging.  We’re going to have to see what we can do about getting a swing in our yard.  She swings as high as she can, grinning ear to ear.  She’s a daredevil – always willing to try something new.  She’s also independent but not a loner.  She likes to have people around and she does like to play with friends but she also has no problem going about doing her own thing.  I don’t see her caving to peer pressure.  My little Beans is her own person.

It was probably the most interesting to watch Chickie.  She’s in the awkward state of preteen – no longer a child and not quite a teenager.  She was the last to finish eating and she hesitated before heading to the field with The Boy and her Daddy.  She must have felt she didn’t quite fit in because she headed off to the playground.  I saw her swing with Beans for a bit and then she disappeared into the jungle gym.  She reappeared and headed back to the field.  Standing on the edge she watched them toss the football back and forth a few times.  She did a few cartwheels calling out “watch this Daddy!”.  Eventually she made her way back to the picnic table where I was sitting.  She was restless though.  I encouraged her to go back and play.  She found her way back to the swings and then back to the table.  I can see her struggle… too old for the babies on the playground, not interested in the sports on the field, and no text book in sight.  Yes, you read that right.  She was eager to get home to work on more homework.  This girl devours books.  A girl after my own heart.  Except she takes it further… she even enjoys non-fiction.  My husband leaves the room when Chickie and I start talking science.  He says we use too many big words.  I love my little nerd 😉  Her conferences were a little different.  We went to her homeroom where she led the conference.  She had set goals, evaluated her performance and set new goals for the next quarter.  After discussing that her homeroom teacher came to our table to review her report card and answer any of our questions.  Instead of writing their own comments each of the teachers write numbers that correspond to a pre-written comment.  Mr. C said he had never seen so many 2’s on a report card.  The 2’s stood for “works independently and stays on task”.  He complimented her and told her that was a sign of intelligence.  For a child that is so easily distracted (Look!  Something shiny!) it was quite impressive.  I am so proud of her!  I am grateful that in this awkward stage of growing up she has this part of her life that she really shines.

I lasted until about 6:30 before my eyelids became too heavy.  We packed it up and headed home.  Chores were completed, homework finished, showers taken, teeth brushed and bedtime stories read.  Finally.  Time for bed.