Family Business

This is my kind of humor…

The kids’ school participates in MicroSociety.  Four days a week the last hour of school is dedicated to creating a mini-society.  The kids have jobs – which they interview for – they earn paychecks, pay bills, shop, go to court etc… If you want to be a store owner or manager you have to go to college and earn a degree.  It’s all pretty clever and geared to teaching the kids how society works.  Yada yada….  I really do think it’s a great idea.


I’m encouraging The Boy to start his own business.  Offering “protection” to the local businesses for a small “fee”.  If you catch my drift….  He can hire goons to collect 10% of the lunch money, order hits, and dress in a suit and mumble a lot.  Ha ha ha, I’m only kidding.  But I find it hilarious none the less.


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