And a follow up….

Did you read my last post?  Specifically the part about hoping that the hot baths would make the Bartholin’s abscess go away?  Yeah.  Didn’t happen.

I went to urgent care.  Big mistake.  They informed that there isn’t really any way to numb that particular part of your anatomy.  So their best plan was just to take a scalpel and slice away.  Um.  No.  I freaked out.  That was a great plan… freak out enough and they’ll send you to the emergency room where you can sit in the waiting room for hours.  They finally called me back just as my hubby had to leave to pick up the kids.  More freaking out.  (on my part, not his)  I was glad that they didn’t really do anything other than take my vitals.  The hubby made it back in time to meet with the doctor.  Her plan was pretty much the same as the urgent care.  Except with some drugs.  Still not a good idea in my book so I proceeded to freak out some more.  I think after the month I’ve had it was just too much for me.  I’m glad now that I didn’t care what they thought… I let all the freak out!  Finally the doctor agreed to sedate me – even though there were risks involved.  Whatever.  Bring on the Michael Jackson drugs!  And that was the last I remembered.  “Push 4 cc’s.  Push 2 more.  Push 2 more……” Fuzzy dream land….  Any time a doctor has a scalpel in their hand that’s all I want to remember… some faint counting….

Things moved quickly once I woke up.  They had drained the abscess and packed the area with, um, packing material.  They gave me instructions to have the packing removed in 2 days.  Ooooh, sounds like fun.  ha.  Unlike the stent procedure I fretted and stressed over this procedure.  Luckily I have an awesome OB/GYN office with a great staff.  I saw the P.A. and she was wonderfully patient with me.  It wasn’t as horrible as I feared.  Kind of like ripping off a band-aid.  Quick sting and it was over.  Then came the bad news.  Only about 2% of the population gets a Bartholin abscess.  But once you’ve had one you have a 20-30% chance of re-occurrence.  Great.  If it keeps reoccurring they will actually go in and remove the gland altogether.  Sigh.  Just sign me up now…

I really intended to blog about my month of pills.  Because that’s what this has been… between all of the pain pills (two different kinds), anti-nausea pills, bladder pills (two different kinds), and antibiotics (three different kinds @ 10 days apiece)…  I hate taking pills.  *HATE* it.  I generally suffer through headaches, preferring the pain in my head to the pain of swallowing a pill.  I’m just not a meds kinda gal.  Plus, I suck at it.  I just can’t swallow them.  Even teeny tiny ones.  I have to chew a mouthful of food and pop the pill in at the last minute.  If I can feel the pill then down goes the food and out comes the pill.  I’m just a big baby about it.

But guess what?  It’s October.  I decided that October is going to be a perfect month (health-wise at least).  NO medical problems.  You hear me October??!!  So I’ll continue taking my antibiotic (and eating my stupid yogurt – no need for additional issues in that region.  I’ve seen enough action down there thankyouverymuch!) and I will enjoy October.


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