Monthly Archives: September 2010

How’s your month been?

This past month has been quite a ride.  I am grateful that there have been high points to balance out the low points.  Because the low points?  They’ve been quite sucky.

Near the end of August my hubby decided he’d had enough and he quit his job.  It was a scary plunge to take.  Would we really crack down on our budget?  Would he be able to handle homeschooling three kids?  The answer to both, we discovered, was yes.

He quit on a Sunday and the following Tuesday I felt a familiar ache in my lower back.  Kidney stone.  Most of you know the details so I re-cap quickly.  By Tuesday afternoon I was in so much pain that my hubby drove me to the emergency room.  After a CAT scan, an x-ray and pain pills I was sent home.  Wednesday was fine…. in that doped up on pain meds sort of way.  Thursday brought more excruciating pain and another trip to the ER.  This time I was admitted to an observation wing for the night.  I believe it was this trip to the ER that we discovered I’m allergic to morphine.  Fabulous.  I slept – or rather – tried to sleep in a room with three walls and a large curtain separating me from all the noise on the floor.  Friday brought a visit from a urologist’s PA.  She explained my options and recommended I keep trying to pass the stone on my own since it was so close.  She was also able to prescribe a stronger pain med.  Saturday was fine…. in that doped up on pain meds sort of way.  Sunday was my birthday and our family dinner at my parents’ house.  I laid on the couch in pain while the family ate my birthday dinner.  Pathetic.  The kids stayed with my parents as my hubby once again schlepped across town to the ER.  Because of the prior visits and the urologist’s comments on my record I was able to be immediately admitted to a room.  This time one with 4 walls, a door, and my own bathroom!  Surgery was scheduled for Monday morning…. which turned into Monday afternoon.  All went well.  The stone was removed and sent to pathology and I was sent home with a stent.  If you’re brave feel free to google what a ureter stent looks like.  It really wasn’t painful per se… just really really annoying.

That was a low week.  A very low week.  But there were a few highs to balance it out.  The staff at the hospital was nothing short of phenomenal.  My family and friends pitched in to help with the kids and housework.  I’m a contract employee and at any moment they can decide to let me go.  My boss was wonderfully understanding and insisted I stay home for the remainder of the week.

The following Tuesday was stent-removal-day.  I didn’t dread it until that morning.  Any one ever had a catheter?  Having a stent removed is very similar.  Not exactly painful but not pleasant either.  I was also allowed to return to work.

Finally some smooth sailing.  No real lows… no real highs.  Just plugging along.  We did have to make the tough decision to send our kids back into a traditional school setting.  We found a good charter school close to my work and got the kids paperwork filled out.  That was a weight off of our shoulders.  They start classes tomorrow.

That bring us up to this week.  Work has been slow and unfortunately that meant layoffs.  I was called into my boss’s office and she began explaining that there was a layoff.  I thought she was preparing to let me go… instead, she was letting my co-worker go.  That was a bittersweet moment.  Complete relief that I still had a job but really bummed at losing a new friend that I enjoyed working with.

Friday also brought this odd swelling in a part of my anatomy that isn’t supposed to swell.  It wasn’t really painful.  Just odd.  Saturday morning it was getting to be a little uncomfortable.  We spent the day at my sister’s house setting up her garden and barbecuing for her birthday.  By the end of the day the swelling had increased and it was getting to be quite uncomfortable.  Time to start googling…. at the risk of sharing too much information…. I discovered that I have a Bartholin’s abscess.  Wonderful.  Still feeling brave?  Go ahead and google it.  Today I have only rolled out of bed to take multiple hot baths.   Walking is painful, sitting is painful… (whine, whine, whine!!!).  If you were brave enough to look it up you might have noticed the treatment.  It involves a scalpel and a Word catheter.  Y’all.  I have had enough of doctors and catheters being down there in my business!  I’m at the point that I’m almost laughing…. Really?!  REALLY?!  Bring it on!  (ok, not really, I don’t want any more)  I’m hoping that the hot baths/compresses will do the trick and I won’t need to find a doctor.

And the cherry on top?  My poor son has had his worst abdominal migraine to date.  He laid in bed next to me all day crying and thrashing around in pain.  He begged me to take him to the doctor’s office.  It sucked!  I hate not being able to do anything.  A small high point was watching our male cat comfort my son.  This is the second time that he’s done this.  He wouldn’t leave his side – no matter now many times he got kicked or rolled on by my son.  He frequently put his paw out to touch him or he would use his head to nuzzle him.  Finally the vomiting started – which usually is the end of the migraine.  Not this time.  It dragged out another 2 1/2 hours.  At one point my son was in mid-scream and he just stopped and passed out.  I had to watch to make sure he was breathing.

So this has been kind of a sucky month – at least health wise.  I’m waiting to turn the corner and begin October.  Because surely October is going to a great month!  Right?