Hippo Birdie Chickie

Dear Chickie,

You are now 11 years old!  Although I’m pretty certain that at times there is a 13 year old living in there.  You have grown so much this past year – and not just physically (although we are now the same shoe size!).  You aren’t a little kid any longer.  You’re a twinkie 😉

You still love to read.  You devour books left and right and you’re always asking me for something new to read.  Time to go get that library card.  You just recently finished the first Harry Potter book and now you want the 2nd one.  You also love to read stories about horses.  If it were up to you we’d own 12 ponies.

You still love little kids.  As long as you’re not related to them.  Any time you’re around babies or toddlers you have your hands all over them.  You hold them, walk them, play with them…  And they, in return, adore you.  Some of them even get siblings out of the way to have you all to themselves.

As sweet as you can be… at times… you are not so nice.  You can have a very short fuse with your siblings.  I know it’s only a stage you’re going through but it’s so hard to see you being mean to them.  You’re happy to have your own room.  And so am I!  It allows everyone a little breathing room.

This year for your birthday Daddy took you to Build-a-Bear where you made an enchanted pony named Magic.  The next day we had the family over for dinner.  We surprised everyone with a tie-dyed birthday cake.  You even got flowers from Grammie and Papa.  The next day – your actual birthday – Daddy and I surprised you by taking the day off from work.  We made you pancakes and sausage.  When the nanny showed up to watch the other two we took you out to the mall.  The first stop was a manicure.  You chose blue polish and added pretty little flowers.  We cruised by the Game Stop to pick up a pony DS game.  Lunch was at Johnny Rockets where you enjoyed a Butterfinger shake.  The balloon lady stopped by and made you a purple flower.  Next we went to the Cerreta chocolate factory.  We had a tour of the factory – complete with samples!  At the end we had bought you a ticket to make your own chocolate pizza.  Yummy!  You packed every last ounce of chocolate and candy into that pizza box.  It was a fun day and you really enjoyed one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy.

I love you so much Chickie!
Happy Birthday!


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