Finally… a picture

I feel like I’m finally pulling together the master bedroom.

Just a few more projects and the room will be finished.  I want to paint our dressers white and add hardware to the drawers.  You can just see part of the highboy that’s peeking in right side of the picture.  The walls are a light gray.  My hubby and his friend took great pains to make sure they picked out the greyest grey… and yet it looks blue.

I am planning on building an upholstered headboard.  I’d like to find some dark gray raw silk to match the gray in the duvet cover.  Eventually we’ll swap out our box t.v. for a flatscreen that will we’ll mount on the wall across from the bed.  We also need to address this issue of lighting and cooling.  Currently there is a ceiling fan that is not centered in the room.  My OCD is killing me.  And.  Not only is it not centered… the wiring is not tucked out of sight in the ceiling… oh no no… it’s wrapped all fashiony (that is so a word) into a chain which drapes down the wall and plugs into the outlet.  People!  We have attics here for a reason!  Except for the flickering fluorescent lights, every single central light is hanging in this fashion.  I can’t believe that the previous owners lived here for 38 years and never bothered to update the lighting.  They never bothered to update anything… not the carpet, ancient toilets, no dishwasher – ug, don’t even get me started on the kitchen.

Baby steps.  That’s what I keep telling myself.  Starting with our master bedroom…


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