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What a Weekend

My house is finally becoming my home.  There are still a zillion and one projects that need to get finished.  There are still a zillion minus one boxes stacked all around the family room.  But it’s home.

I know that I need to post some pictures but for now my descriptions will have to do.  We’ll start in the tiniest room in the house… the master bath.  I decided to go bold and add black accessories; rugs, towels, baskets and curtains.  Love it!  I actually couldn’t find curtains I liked so I bought pillow cases and ribbon and made my own.

Moving on to the master bedroom…  I finally got my curtain wire turned jewelry storage system in place.  We bought the Ikea curtain wire system and rigged it up behind the bedroom door.  I use the little clippies to hang all of my necklaces and bracelets.   Now I can easily see all of my trinkets and baubles.  Love it!  My wonderful hubby also did the manly thing for me.  He hung up my painting over the bed and alongside my candle sconces.  A last minute (brilliant) decision found him outside spray painting my bedside table an antique white.  Which I, of course, sanded and roughed up a bit.  It showcases my new bedside lamp wonderfully.  I know, I know… I need pictures!  Also a last minute design decision… we spray painted three brass butterflies to a flat black.  They are now fluttering around my bathroom door frame.  Love it!

When we moved in here we set up the living room very similar to our living room in VA.  The only difference is that the tv cabinet is to the side of the couch instead of directly in front of it.  That spot is now home to the two bookshelves.  The plan is to add beadboard, crown moulding, and some white paint to the bookshelves but for now they’re the same cherry wood color.  Since I have gone back to work I have found myself walking in the door and dumping my purse on top of the tv cabinet.  Oooh lovely.  Not so much.  This weekend I wanted to find a small table to put beside the cabinet to catch the mail, keys, and purse.  I found the perfect table at a hotel furniture liquidation store.  Actually, I found two.  And a third one will be coming home on Wednesday.  They’re just a simple square table painted black, with some “wear and tear” sanding around the edges.  Love it!  On one of the tables I added a white antique birdcage – compliments from a friend – and a framed picture.  The other one is holding a big glass vase and more framed pictures.  I’m really thinking about painting the tv cabinet white.  That might be next weekend’s project.  Although, we’ll have to empty the t.v. cabinet because it now has a t.v. and surround sound stereo system – again, compliments from a friend.  The hubby loves it!

I’ll work on getting pictures but for now, you can just imagine me with a big smile 🙂


I’d like to see her eat corn on the cob now

Beans lost her second tooth today.  She now has a double gap in the bottom row of her teeth.  She looks so cute but it’s a constant reminder to me that my baby is no longer a baby.  It’s changed the way she talks.  She still baby talks (ug!) but it sounds different.  It has that slight hissing lisp that all toothless kids suffer.

I also realized that now that our middle child is 9 we’ve reached the halfway point to raising them to adulthood.  Ack!  How can that be??  They’re mah baaabies, mah preeeshus baaaabies! ha ha ok, ok… so I don’t seem exactly like that…  It is hard to come to grips with how old they are though.  Had we stayed in VA our oldest, Chickie, would be headed to jr. high.  Really?  But, but, but she couldn’t survive!  She’s just a kid.  Sigh.  The good news about her maturing is that she is better about her responsibilities.  Sort of.  She still takes for.ever. to finish any chore and it’s hard for her to stay focused and not to wander off into a daydream…. but she’s doesn’t whine and complain about pitching in near as much.

I see The Boy growing up so quickly.  He’s much quicker to accept new situations and to make new friends.  I still wouldn’t call him outgoing but he’s not as painfully shy as he once was.  He’s taller and his face has thinned out.  I found his Upward basketball pictures from year 1 and year 2.  Comparing them side by side was an eye opener.  He really is my little man.


Completely unrelated but I want to write these down before I forget:

Chickie was in the pool and Beans and Papa were almost in when Beans yells to Chickie, “Don’t wear Papa out because he’s old.”

Beans spent the night with Grammie and Papa and she chose to sleep with Papa.  In the morning he was faking sleep while deciding how best to slip out of bed without waking her.  While he was laying there he felt her poke his face a few times and then she said, “I think it’s time for our coffee now Papa.”

Two Quick Bean Stories

While smelling her fresh laundry:
“Mmmmm, that smells good… better than pumpkins!”


After I called her by her full name:
“Why do you keep calling me Xxxxxx Ann?”
Because that’s your full name.  Ann is your middle name.
“It is?”
Yes, it is.  What did you think your middle name was?

I love that it took her 6 1/2 years to finally ask why I keep calling her Xxxxxx Ann.  And yet she doesn’t question why we call her Beans! LoL!!