Eight candles… Oops, NINE

Dear Boy,

I cannot believe that you turned nine years old today.  My sweet little boy.  You have been anticipating this birthday for a couple of months.  You were so excited to turn nine.  Except.  All day you kept talking about having an “eight” candle on your cake.  It took you awhile to catch on that you kept saying eight instead of nine.  Even when it came time to put candles on the cake you only counted out eight.  I held up eight fingers and you still didn’t get it.  Maybe we need to review your math skills 😉

You’re still an early riser.  No need for coffee for you…. you’re wide awake and chipper.  Bed time is still easy… lights off and you’re asleep.  You’re working on multiplication and you love science.  Your favorite books right now are the Wimpy Kid Diary books.  And that’s about all you will read.  You loooove video games – especially racing games.  You want to be a professional BMX racer/trickster.  I think you just might be one too.  You have no fear.  I loved watching you out in the backyard.  You’d take the shovel and dig dips and build up berms.  Then you’d make my heart drop while racing around your track.  Basketball is still your favorite but you’re interested in hockey.

You broke your thumb this year.  You were running in the backyard and tripped over a root.  When  you fell you bent your thumb under your hand and fractured your growth plate.  You were so nervous about the surgery to insert two pins.  What a relief that they let you play DS games until the sleeping gas took effect.  Afterward your hand was in a camouflage cast.  Unfortunately we moved before it was time to have it removed.  Daddy took the cast off but there was no removing the pins on our own.  You freaked out when you saw the pins in your thumb.  It was very traumatic for you.  After you calmed down you were okay with looking at them.  The ER refused to remove the pins and they put a splint back on. We finally found a doctor to remove the pins.  I think I speak for both of us when I say it was the worst day of your 8th year.  I was and still am so proud of how you handled yourself that day.  The nurse had to pull both pins – the 2nd one being the worst.  You shrieked and turned pale but you never once tried to fight the nurse or yell at her.  It still brings tears to my eyes.  You asked me to pray with you.  Your faith is so strong.

Uncle took you camping for the first time this year.  You were so excited.  You helped him pack up the gear and set up the tent.  Uncle said that this was the most hiking he’s ever done on a camping trip – easily over 6 miles in one day.  You saw elk, antelope and even a baby antelope.  You found animal tracks and even a turkey call.  You and Uncle made a baseball bat out of a tree branch.  Then you practiced hitting rocks with it.  One of the phone calls you made to me you were telling me about everything you were doing.  You told me you were getting ready to have lunch – hot dogs and baked beans – so you were sure to have good toots that night!  After all that hiking you were tired but Uncle wasn’t ready to go to bed.  You kept asking him when he was going to bed because you didn’t want to sleep alone.  You’re both talking about going snow camping this winter.  Crazy boys.

You’ve told everyone that this has been the best birthday.  You got some really cool presents.  Auntie, the girls, and Uncle got you a remote control motorcycle and a remote control helicopter.  You were flying the helicopter down the hallway when your cousin stuck her head out of the bathroom – just in time to get it caught in her hair!  You thought that was so funny.  Grammie and Papa got you a new bike.  It’s bright orange.  You’ve been riding it all over the place.  Daddy and I got you a basketball hoop for the new house.  You can hardly wait to play.  We also got you two Transformers.  That’s the first time you’ve seen them and you were fascinated.

Everyone that knows you comments on how sweet and well behaved you are.  You’re a charmer.  You have the cutest smile.  That’s all true but I think the real charm is your sweet heart.  I cherish each hug you wrap around me.  You still let me kiss you in public…. sometimes.  I pray that you keep your tender heart and that you keep your faith strong.  I love you!

Happy 9th Birthday,


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