Monthly Archives: April 2010

The story continues

Remember this story?  Apparently that wasn’t the end…

After they had eaten it was time to play their favorite game Dragons & Unicorns.  This is how you play… but suddenly they were interrupted when a very large rhinoceros came charging into the room with a green magic marker.  What in the world was the rhino going to do with a green magic marker?!  The things a rhino could do with a magic marker… why he could draw mustaches on everyone or he could draw witch & wizard faces on everybody!  “What are you doing?!” yelled the little girl.  The rhino replied, “Someone stuck it to me.”  “Let me help you. ” said the little girl.  So she went to help but couldn’t get it off.  The rhino said, “Oh well.”  Then they all lived happily ever after.  Or so they thought… Early the next morning a dinosaur came along and ate them all.  The End.

I am sure you will all sleep better knowing the end of the story now.  You’re welcome.


You know you’ve raised your kids right when…

I want my kids to grow up to be self sufficient.  They need to know how to cook, clean, do laundry and basic household repairs.  And most importantly, they need to know how to deal with bugs.

Chickie: (yelling from the basement) AAAAHHH!!!  There’s a 2 inch cockroach in my bedroom!!!!

I expected that declaration to be followed by footsteps thundering up the stairs and a demand to torch her bedroom.  Instead this is what she yelled next…

Chickie:  Quick – get the bug catcher!  This will be cool!

Yes!  My work here is done.  Bonus:  I no longer need to run bug interference.

Updating the updated update

Ug, who’s keeping track anyway?!

We’re moving to Phoenix.  Someday.  Perhaps in the next decade.  I am a patient-ish person.  I can wait patiently if I have an answer.  This special thing is happening on this certain date?  Okay, I can wait.  This special thing is happening…. oh, maybe today, or maybe next month?  Nope, not patient.

The lovely big-box home improvement store that my hubby works for is driving me up the wall.
Exhibit A…
Them: We have a full time position available.  Would you like it?
Us: Why yes we would.
Them: We’ll get back to you.
*Chirp chirp*
Us: Still have an opening?
*Chirp chirp*
Us: Hello?  Is this thing on?  Do you still have an opening?
Them: Yes.
Them: Oh, wait.  It’s part time.  Do you want part time?
Us: Ug. NO.
Them: Just kidding!  We have full time.  Do you want full time?
Us: YES! <announce to the world that we’re moving>
Them: Um, we need to talk to management.
Us: oooookay.
Them: We only have part time.  Do you want part time?
Us: NO!

Imagine this times 3.  We’re still waiting to hear back from one of the far, far away stores.  And by far, far away I mean Mesa.   The team in Mesa that suddenly has FOUR full time positions open.  Uh, red flag?  At least it is 100% confirmed that there is a full time position open.  Now they just have to check and see if they can afford my hubby.  Yep, afford him.  Because we’re clearly rolling in the dough here.  They’re hiring the newbies at $4 less than what he’s making right now.  Are you stinking kidding me?!

Like I said before…. we’re moving.  Someday.

Updating the update

Late Thursday night our realtor sent us a listing for a house in Moon Valley.  On Friday my hubby was offered THREE full-time positions.  Woo-hoo!  He is opting to take the old job/old store position which is just minutes from the Moon Valley listing.  My mother will be looking at that house on Monday at noon.  So please!!! continue to pray that we are following God’s will each step of the way and give Him thanks that all is going smoothly.  Providing that things continue to progress we estimate that we will be in Phoenix the end of this month!!