Bathroom Humor

It’s not what you think…

If you recall, Chickie has been having fun writing on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.  She’s also discovered that we have a very tiny mirror.  Her creativity needed room to expand so she brought her small dry erase board into the bathroom and propped it up behind the faucet.

After writing notes back and forth for a few days I found that she had erased the board and left it empty… thus began The Story.  It started with an innocent “Once upon a time…”, we took turns finishing each others sentences, and without further fanfare…

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted horse lessons but she didn’t have enough money for lesson so her mom said she could babysit when she got older.  So in the meantime she decided to help her mom babysit.  The girl didn’t know that her mom was a secret ninja and that the kids her mom babysat were really aliens from Mars and she was teaching them how to cook Earth food.  The first thing she taught them how to cook was dragon steak.  Her daughter did not know dragons existed but her mom taught her how to hunt them.  First you have to find out where they live then you lure them out by singing them a lullabye that goes like this lum de dum da. After you lure them out you bop them on the head and put them into the “instant dragon steak” machine.  The best thing to eat with dragon steak is unicorn sauce.


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