Random Story

I have two Beans’ stories today…. one is real and one she made up… both are quite funny.

Lately Beans has taken to copying down random words.  Today she brought me a list and told me that it’s a story.  She said she just picked words out of her Bible.  Presenting…. Beans’ Story:

Fish Fish.
Many PeOPle SaW JesUs
The chains
The TWelve
JesUs walKed by
The naSamarit Man caMe
An Angel
BAd KiNg
SO the

I like the beginning… makes me think of some modern poem… just add some random snapping and we’ll call her a beatnik.  haha

This next story requires a little background knowledge.  Our male cat, Charge, has been battling bladder infections.  When he gets one he starts to urinate outside of his box.  He likes to find clothes on the floor and pee on them.  So gross!  This last time he’s started using the floor of the closet right behind the master bedroom door.  Twice I’ve been woken up by him flooding the floor.  We put a laundry basket in the corner of the closet but then our female started sitting there… made me nervous that she might start using the basket as her new litter box so we flipped the laundry basket over and covered the corner.  Cue story….

My hubby and I were in bed and he had just fallen asleep.  I was watching a movie on my laptop and apparently had dozed off as well.  I heard a loud thump but I figured it was the dog.  Just when I thought that perhaps it might be a child falling out of bed I heard a loud splat of liquid hit my bedroom floor.  Instantly my hubby was out of bed and I was reaching for the bedroom light.  Both of us thought a child had just threw up in our room.  When the light came on we found Beans with her pj bottoms pulled down, sitting on the laundry basket (behind the door, in the closet, under the shelves) going to the bathroom!  LOL!!!  Maybe you needed to be there but it was so funny.  She clearly was all turned around and confused.  I hustled her into the bathroom and put her in the shower to clean her up.  As she became more coherent she too began to giggle.  Although today she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Still makes me chuckle…


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