I love you more than…

Recently Chickie has discovered the joy of writing on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.  We’ve had several ongoing conversations on the mirror.

I started the last conversation by writing “I love my kids.”
Chickie responded by writing “I love you more than everything that God made.”
Me: “Oh yeah?  I love you so much that I make you dinner… and I don’t even whine about it.”
Chickie: “Yeah, and I love you so much that I eat it!”


2 responses to “I love you more than…

  • littletiger

    I miss you both so much!!! Chickie is such a beautiful young lady with a wonderful mind and such a great sense of humor!

  • jaime

    i love that she still does the “i love you more than…” thing. and i love you both and can’t wait to see your face! mmmwwwwwaaaaa!

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