Snuggle Bunny

We only have one early riser in our family… The Boy.  We’re not sure where he got the gene.  Perhaps it mutated.  Or he was switched at birth.  I don’t know.  He wakes up early and is bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go.

The girls on the other hand… They like their sleep.  They see no need to greet the rising sun.  It will still be there at noon.  Chickie usually climbs out of bed between 8 and 9.  She stumbles up the stairs in search of nourishment.  Every once in awhile she will emerge from her lair around 11 but only because she’s been curled up with a book.  And then there’s Beans.  The sleepiest of them all.  Even with the sunlight streaming into her room she can sleep well into the 11 o’clock hour.  Of course that probably has something to do with her staying up until 11 or 12 the night before.

If Beans wakes up early and sees that I am still in my bed she will slip into bed with me.  Often times she will fall back asleep but sometimes she will just lay there, snuggled under the covers, her hand sliding across the bed to find mine.  Those are the moments I cherish… the two of us silently studying each others faces, no need for words.  So opposite of her normal silly little self.  I wonder if she’ll remember these times.

This morning the camera was within reach and I wanted to capture our moment.  She laid there with her big blue eyes peeping up at me… and then the pre-flash lit up the room and set her off to giggling about the bright light burning her eyes.  So much for her serious face.


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