Is it still called television when it’s on your computer?

A couple of years ago we ditched our cable.  It seemed like a ridiculous bill.  If I want to waste a couple of hours I can do that on the internet!  It really has helped to cut back on the mindless wasting of time.  The kids have plenty of movies to pick from plus we subscribe to Netflix.  And there’s also the internet… access to more movies than we could ever watch plus our favorite t.v. shows.  Using our computers to watch t.v. shows has made us a little pickier on what we choose to watch.  There’s no flipping channels on the remote – we have to actually pick what we want to see.  Bonus: not so many annoying commercials to watch!

Here it is… My list of shows… When we first cut the cable we had a short list of programs that has slowly grown over time.  I’ll try to list them in the order they’ve been added.

Oh how lost I am!  I’m relieved that this is the final season.  I’ve enjoyed the mystery but I’m dreading what will surely be a disappointing conclusion.  But I’ll stick with it to the end.  Any theories on what the island actually is?  Or who Locke/smoke monster is?

Ugly Betty
Another one that I am glad that this is the final season.  The stories are getting old but I still want to see Betty finally blossom.  Get those braces off already!

Grey’s Anatomy
As my friend’s hubby says… It’s a soap opera.  Yes, yes it is.  I keep saying I’m going to quit watching it and yet here I am…

I am a nerd at heart.  Don’t believe me?  You know the theme song?  I have a dance that goes with it and I do it every. single. time.  I even have my hubby doing it! ha ha  I’m not sure where the story line is going or how long this show will last but for now I’m enjoying the laughs.

How I Met Your Mother
We started this show on a recommendation of a friend.  I only watch it for Barney.  I ❤ Barney.  I could care less if that other dude ever meets his wife… just bring on the Barney… he’s AWESOME! LoL

I actually watched all four seasons of this on Netflix.  (No commercials.  Woo hoo!!)  I couldn’t sleep one night and was looking for something to watch.  I’d heard bits and pieces about the show and thought I’d give it a whirl.  I’d also heard complaints that it was hard to keep track of the different characters and their powers.  I think that since I watched them without breaks in the seasons that it made it easier.  I have to admit that I’m rooting for Sylar.

Undercover Boss
I love this show.  I could do without the boardroom awkwardness but overall I think it’s a good program.  All but one have made me tear up.  I don’t imagine that this show will have many seasons.  You can only fly under the radar for so long when people will start getting suspicious of an entry level employee being followed around by a camera crew.

There you have it… my current list of shows. 
What do you watch and what do you love about the show?


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