Hasta la vista

In a few short days I will kiss each of my children and my hubby, give them each a squeeze and then I’m climbing into a car and leaving.   No interruptions to make a PB&J for a starving child, no need to plug my ears to tune out bickering, no lesson plans or prodding children to finish their homework, no whining dog to let out, no barking dog to let in, no laundry, and no dusting.  For four days I will live and breathe scrapbooking!  My friend and I will be off to Pigeon Forge for a long weekend of scrapbooking.  I’m packing light and only taking my laptop – strictly digi-scrapping for me.

My kids told me that I’m mean for leaving them.  I assured them that this is for their own good.

I’m not worried that they’ll miss me.  They’re going to have a crazy, busy weekend themselves.  I’ve had this trip planned for quite awhile but they didn’t stop my hubby from getting involved in a huge project this weekend too.  He’s joined a car club that is sponsoring a HUGE car show this weekend to benefit the MDA.  Personally, I don’t mind missing out on the car show.  I mean, once I’ve seen a car what’s the point of seeing it again and again and again?  A whole weekend?  Bah – I could see it all in an hour!  But there are vendors to coordinate, car sales, parking, concessions, car entries, judging, awards etc…  And my dear, dear hubby is going to attempt volunteering at the MDA car show and single parenting.

I fully expect to be greeted at the door with roses and chocolates upon my return.  “Please, please don’t ever leave!”  To be clear, I’m not worried about the kids missing me… my hubby on the other hand…


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