More than meets the eye

Everyone that has met Beans knows that she is a funny little girl.  She loves to have all of the attention and loves to make people laugh.  Most of my posts here about her have been about something silly she said or did.  But there’s another side to her – an unexpected side.  She has a deep, insightful side too.

Awhile back she was playing with a little calendar.  She was flipping through the pages and drawing smiley faces and sad faces.  When I asked her about it she pointed to a smiley face and said, “That’s my happy day.”  And then she pointed to a sad face and said, “That’s my not very happy day.  I’m sad.”   She went on to explain that she has mostly happy days but sometimes she has sad days.  She’s right.  There are some days that she’s just sad.  Not upset that something didn’t go her way but days that she’s just blue.

The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table staring out into the gray backyard.  (something I’ve tried to avoid doing because it makes me blue.)  Beans came into the kitchen and sat next to me at the table.  She reached over and put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You don’t like the snow.  You want it to go away.  You need the hotness.”  So true little one, so true.


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