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Many of you have asked for an update on the cross country move…  Sadly, I do not have much to report.  My hubby found out last night that the store he’s been waiting and waiting and waiting to hear from does not actually have a full-time position opening but rather two part-time openings.  Miscommunication much?!  That puts us back at square one… calling store after store to find a full-time position.  He’s called all of the Scottsdale stores, all of the ones by our old neighborhood, and the one waaaay up north.  There are quite a few full-time positions open at the store in Avondale.  But, well, it’s Avondale.  So the quest continues.

Remaining optimistic, I keep praying that this just means we haven’t found the right store yet.

I am also praying for my replacement at work.  They have some good resumes to follow up on.  I am praying that God makes it very clear who He wants, and for the direction He has for the children’s ministry.  I think that there is someone out there that God wants to use to take it to the next level.  I am praying for the transition time – that the kids, parents, and congregation in general are excited about whoever steps in.

So that’s where we are… or aren’t.  Please continue to pray for this move and for God’s will to be evident to us.


Bathroom Humor

It’s not what you think…

If you recall, Chickie has been having fun writing on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.  She’s also discovered that we have a very tiny mirror.  Her creativity needed room to expand so she brought her small dry erase board into the bathroom and propped it up behind the faucet.

After writing notes back and forth for a few days I found that she had erased the board and left it empty… thus began The Story.  It started with an innocent “Once upon a time…”, we took turns finishing each others sentences, and without further fanfare…

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted horse lessons but she didn’t have enough money for lesson so her mom said she could babysit when she got older.  So in the meantime she decided to help her mom babysit.  The girl didn’t know that her mom was a secret ninja and that the kids her mom babysat were really aliens from Mars and she was teaching them how to cook Earth food.  The first thing she taught them how to cook was dragon steak.  Her daughter did not know dragons existed but her mom taught her how to hunt them.  First you have to find out where they live then you lure them out by singing them a lullabye that goes like this lum de dum da. After you lure them out you bop them on the head and put them into the “instant dragon steak” machine.  The best thing to eat with dragon steak is unicorn sauce.

Random Story

I have two Beans’ stories today…. one is real and one she made up… both are quite funny.

Lately Beans has taken to copying down random words.  Today she brought me a list and told me that it’s a story.  She said she just picked words out of her Bible.  Presenting…. Beans’ Story:

Fish Fish.
Many PeOPle SaW JesUs
The chains
The TWelve
JesUs walKed by
The naSamarit Man caMe
An Angel
BAd KiNg
SO the

I like the beginning… makes me think of some modern poem… just add some random snapping and we’ll call her a beatnik.  haha

This next story requires a little background knowledge.  Our male cat, Charge, has been battling bladder infections.  When he gets one he starts to urinate outside of his box.  He likes to find clothes on the floor and pee on them.  So gross!  This last time he’s started using the floor of the closet right behind the master bedroom door.  Twice I’ve been woken up by him flooding the floor.  We put a laundry basket in the corner of the closet but then our female started sitting there… made me nervous that she might start using the basket as her new litter box so we flipped the laundry basket over and covered the corner.  Cue story….

My hubby and I were in bed and he had just fallen asleep.  I was watching a movie on my laptop and apparently had dozed off as well.  I heard a loud thump but I figured it was the dog.  Just when I thought that perhaps it might be a child falling out of bed I heard a loud splat of liquid hit my bedroom floor.  Instantly my hubby was out of bed and I was reaching for the bedroom light.  Both of us thought a child had just threw up in our room.  When the light came on we found Beans with her pj bottoms pulled down, sitting on the laundry basket (behind the door, in the closet, under the shelves) going to the bathroom!  LOL!!!  Maybe you needed to be there but it was so funny.  She clearly was all turned around and confused.  I hustled her into the bathroom and put her in the shower to clean her up.  As she became more coherent she too began to giggle.  Although today she doesn’t want to talk about it.  Still makes me chuckle…


What is church?  What does it look like?  What should it look like?  These are questions that have been ruminating in my little brain over the last few months.

I have attended and worked in several different church – several different denominations – all of them in America.  Some of the differences were big: eternal salvation vs losing your salvation, traditional-robed-hymn-singing vs nails-painted-rock-band, no food during Bible lessons vs mandatory food at all functions.  Some of the differences were not such big deals: pews vs chairs, gymnasium vs sanctuary, minister vs pastor.  But despite the differences they all had similarities.  Most church services last an hour, most are on Sunday mornings, most include singing, a sermon and tithing.

Who decided all of this?  Am I missing a chapter out of my Bible that details a church service?  I know that we are encouraged to gather together, reminded to remember the Lord’s supper, taught to baptize and ordered to keep the Sabbath holy.  Elders are described but are committees?  Are seminary requirements laid out?  Why isn’t small group considered “church”?

I believe that it’s important to worship, pray, learn, tithe, hold accountable, evangelize, and connect.  In my experience I have seen these happen most effectively in a small group setting.  There was more accountability, deeper study and authentic community.  In conventional church I experienced a lot of politics, a lot of cliques, a lot of pretending – as well as worship, prayer and Bible studies.  I’m not saying that church is doing it all wrong and small groups have it all right.  But I have noticed that overall,  smaller groups tend to be more real – more authentic than large corporate church – and that, to me, tends to lead to more spiritual growth (Bible knowledge, application, deeper prayer, heartfelt worship).

I haven’t completely fleshed all of this out – I haven’t considered all points – and I only have my own experience to draw on.  So I’d like to start a dialogue with y’all.  Do you attend church?  A small group?  Do you attend both?  What are your expectations of each?  Are they the same expectations?  Why do you attend either/both?  To which one would you invite a non-believer?  Are small groups just cliques?  Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

I love you more than…

Recently Chickie has discovered the joy of writing on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker.  We’ve had several ongoing conversations on the mirror.

I started the last conversation by writing “I love my kids.”
Chickie responded by writing “I love you more than everything that God made.”
Me: “Oh yeah?  I love you so much that I make you dinner… and I don’t even whine about it.”
Chickie: “Yeah, and I love you so much that I eat it!”

Snuggle Bunny

We only have one early riser in our family… The Boy.  We’re not sure where he got the gene.  Perhaps it mutated.  Or he was switched at birth.  I don’t know.  He wakes up early and is bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go.

The girls on the other hand… They like their sleep.  They see no need to greet the rising sun.  It will still be there at noon.  Chickie usually climbs out of bed between 8 and 9.  She stumbles up the stairs in search of nourishment.  Every once in awhile she will emerge from her lair around 11 but only because she’s been curled up with a book.  And then there’s Beans.  The sleepiest of them all.  Even with the sunlight streaming into her room she can sleep well into the 11 o’clock hour.  Of course that probably has something to do with her staying up until 11 or 12 the night before.

If Beans wakes up early and sees that I am still in my bed she will slip into bed with me.  Often times she will fall back asleep but sometimes she will just lay there, snuggled under the covers, her hand sliding across the bed to find mine.  Those are the moments I cherish… the two of us silently studying each others faces, no need for words.  So opposite of her normal silly little self.  I wonder if she’ll remember these times.

This morning the camera was within reach and I wanted to capture our moment.  She laid there with her big blue eyes peeping up at me… and then the pre-flash lit up the room and set her off to giggling about the bright light burning her eyes.  So much for her serious face.

Is it still called television when it’s on your computer?

A couple of years ago we ditched our cable.  It seemed like a ridiculous bill.  If I want to waste a couple of hours I can do that on the internet!  It really has helped to cut back on the mindless wasting of time.  The kids have plenty of movies to pick from plus we subscribe to Netflix.  And there’s also the internet… access to more movies than we could ever watch plus our favorite t.v. shows.  Using our computers to watch t.v. shows has made us a little pickier on what we choose to watch.  There’s no flipping channels on the remote – we have to actually pick what we want to see.  Bonus: not so many annoying commercials to watch!

Here it is… My list of shows… When we first cut the cable we had a short list of programs that has slowly grown over time.  I’ll try to list them in the order they’ve been added.

Oh how lost I am!  I’m relieved that this is the final season.  I’ve enjoyed the mystery but I’m dreading what will surely be a disappointing conclusion.  But I’ll stick with it to the end.  Any theories on what the island actually is?  Or who Locke/smoke monster is?

Ugly Betty
Another one that I am glad that this is the final season.  The stories are getting old but I still want to see Betty finally blossom.  Get those braces off already!

Grey’s Anatomy
As my friend’s hubby says… It’s a soap opera.  Yes, yes it is.  I keep saying I’m going to quit watching it and yet here I am…

I am a nerd at heart.  Don’t believe me?  You know the theme song?  I have a dance that goes with it and I do it every. single. time.  I even have my hubby doing it! ha ha  I’m not sure where the story line is going or how long this show will last but for now I’m enjoying the laughs.

How I Met Your Mother
We started this show on a recommendation of a friend.  I only watch it for Barney.  I ❤ Barney.  I could care less if that other dude ever meets his wife… just bring on the Barney… he’s AWESOME! LoL

I actually watched all four seasons of this on Netflix.  (No commercials.  Woo hoo!!)  I couldn’t sleep one night and was looking for something to watch.  I’d heard bits and pieces about the show and thought I’d give it a whirl.  I’d also heard complaints that it was hard to keep track of the different characters and their powers.  I think that since I watched them without breaks in the seasons that it made it easier.  I have to admit that I’m rooting for Sylar.

Undercover Boss
I love this show.  I could do without the boardroom awkwardness but overall I think it’s a good program.  All but one have made me tear up.  I don’t imagine that this show will have many seasons.  You can only fly under the radar for so long when people will start getting suspicious of an entry level employee being followed around by a camera crew.

There you have it… my current list of shows. 
What do you watch and what do you love about the show?