Kitty Crack

Awhile back we bought a catnip toy for our two kitties.  Charge used it like a loofah and scrubbed his whole body with it while Callie was more laid back about the whole thing.  She gave it a few sniffs and walked off.  Just say NO to catnip!  She stared at her brother in disbelief as he rubbed his face all over the toy and nibbled on the corner.  He carried it up and down the hallway and batted it on the slippery wood floors.  Still no reaction from Callie.

This afternoon I made myself a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  Confession time:  I brought my plate into my bedroom so I could sit with my laptop and cruise blogs while I ate my lunch.  When I finished my sandwich I set the plate, full of crumbs and a drip of peanut butter and jelly, on the bed next to me.  Callie is my constant companion when I’m sitting on my bed.  In fact, she rarely leaves my room – only to eat or use the box.  When I set my plate down she uncurled herself and wandered over to smell my plate – to see if, perhaps, there might be a bit of tuna or salmon.  She sniffed all of the crumbs and then hit upon the blob of jellied peanut butter.  She took a tentative lick and then proceeded to clean the plate.  Almost instantly she became twitchy – jumping at the slightest movement.  The Kitty Crack quickly spread into her system and she began to twist her head around to lick her back – first on one side and then quickly over to the other side.  And then *JUMP* followed by a quick lick to the right, twist to the left, *JUMP*!  Paranoid much cat?

I have no idea if it really was the peanut butter or not but it was hilarious to watch.  Next time I’ll have to keep the camera handy.


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