*chirp, chirp*

Sorry for the silence over here.  I didn’t intend to take a break from blogging.  Life has been busy so I should have plenty to write about…. but it’s all been little things that have kept us busy.

The Boy continues to play basketball.  I, unfortunately, missed one of his big games.  And of course he happened to make half the points that game!  His most recent game was an exciting one though.  With about 30 seconds left in the game The Boy made the shot that tied the game, 13-13.  He also had quite the cheering section at that game.  His Sunday school teacher and her husband came, one of the college youth came, and one of our close friends came.  Only 3 games left!

Chickie has always enjoyed art – especially drawing.  Lately she’s been getting on the internet and finding how-to-draw sites.  Her artwork has greatly improved.  Yesterday a friend dropped off an art book and Chickie dove right in.  She drew a cartoon baby that looks fantastic!  I can’t wait to see where her artwork takes her.
She’s also doing really well in school.  For awhile she was struggling with math – her strongest subject.  But we found a better workbook and she loves it.  It focuses more on real world application.  Her handwriting is finally getting neater although she still hates creative writing.

Beans.  Ah, Beans.  She keeps me on my toes.  I have been so worried about teaching her to read.  Most of my homeschooling sources say not to worry – some kids aren’t ready to read until 3rd grade.  THIRD GRADE!  I’m soooo not okay with that but I don’t want to pressure her.  She knows her letters and sounds and can tell me the sounds in a word but blending them….. nope.  No matter how hard she tried “pan” was P. A. N.  and even once she knew the word she couldn’t jump to “man” – that remained M. A. N.   At this rate I was going to have to attend college with her so I could read her books to her.  And then.  And then I bought a box of readers.  We had readers before but they always mixed in too many sight words and didn’t provide enough repetition.  This new box of readers is perfect for her.  She can read the first 4 without any help and the next two with minimal help.  Just the encouragement she needed!
Many of you read on FB about the bead incident but I want to record it here.  The other night she came running into our bedroom crying that there was a bead up her nose and now her nose was bleeding.  I grabbed a flashlight and could barely glimpse a gold bead.  She had taken a cheap mardi gras necklace and popped all of the bead apart.  One of them “fell” into her nose according to her.  It was poked in pretty far.  I tried using a bobby pin to fish it out but I was too timid.  I was afraid of pushing it farther into her nose.  She was an angel and remained perfectly still.  After a couple of attempts I gave up and let my hubby give it a whirl.  On his first try he popped it right out and into his waiting hand.  My hero!

All three kids have gotten some sort of wart that spreads into clusters.  Beans has it the worst, then The Boy, and Chickie only has a few small ones.  The doc said they’d go away on their own but she would try burning off a few on Beans’ back.  They’ve blistered and one of the scabs got knocked off last night and started bleeding like mad.  Poor little Beans.

So that’s been life in a very quick nutshell.  Throw some snow and ice in there and that’s pretty much been our crazy life!


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