Have any of you been watching the news… specifically the weather?  The east coast is getting a little chilly.  I might actually have to put away the shorts and pull on a jacket.  Ha.  Who am I kidding?!  It is freezing outside.  The snow isn’t too bad.  Really.  It’s actually kind of pretty.  When it stays on the ground in nice little drifts… but today it’s not doing that.  The wind has blown into town and it’s swirling the snow up and around.  Which I guess is pretty.  When looking at it from inside a warm house.  I ran outside to take a quick picture of the front of our house and by the time I got back inside I felt as though I’d spent the afternoon playing in the snow.  It was flaked in my hair and dusted on my jeans.  My nose was red and drippy and my hands were frozen.

I know that my AZ friends are all thinking that it would be fun/nice/different to have some snow.  Just like I’m wishing for some AZ July sunshine!  It is fun/nice/different to have some snow.  For a few days.  Beyond that it begins to wear on you.  I’ve heard that this month is going to be more of the same…. and into March.  I get to look forward to slippery roads (have I mentioned that it’s very hilly here?), wet paws & wet boots, drafty windows & doors, piles of jackets, mittens, scarves and hats…. but I also get to look forward to my cornbag (oh how i love thee), hot chocolate & hot coffee, not having to fill up the gas tank quite as often, sledding, and lots of family time!


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