Lovin’ on the Kids

A few weeks ago I decided that having a smooth, predictable schedule was getting boring.  In order to shake things up a bit we’ve added two more kids to the mix.  Big J is 18 months and Little J is 8 weeks.  That ought to keep us on our toes!  (Hindsight: What was I thinking?!) LoL! 

Actually.  There’s a family in our church that was in need of someone to watch the two boys for three hours, three afternoons a week.  Perfect!  I get to have my baby fix (and let me tell you… the desire to have any more babies of my own?  GONE.) and we’re helping out a family and Chickie is getting some babysitting experience (she’s coming pre-trained AZ peeps!).

What I hadn’t anticipated was how much the entire family would pitch in.

I have been so appreciative of the extra help from the kids.  They rock the baby and they retrieve pacifiers, diapers and bottles.  They chase Big J, fix leaking sippy cups and willingly share their toys.  The first week that we had the boys Chickie jumped right in and as a thank you I bought her some glue on fingernails.  The next two weeks all three kids jumped right in and as a thank you…. the hubby and I planned a day of family fun!

The day started with bacon and the kids’ favorite chocolate chip pancakes.  Then, without telling them where we were going, we loaded them into the ‘burb and headed out.  Our first stop was to the mall – specifically to Build-a-Bear.  This has become Beans’ obsession and the other two were begging for their own as well.  Chickie picked out a petite puppy and named her Spotty.  The Boy picked out the wolf – complete with a Harley Davidson tee – and named him Bad Wolf.  Beans – true to her style – knew exactly which one she wanted… the heart-spotted dalmation that she named Hearts (what else?!).  After BaB we stopped in Macy’s where my sweet hubby picked out a new perfume for me.  Completely unexpected!  I love it! 

The kids spotted the bungee cord trampoline jumping and to their surprise we said OK!

First up was Beans.  She had a look on her face that was a mix of thrill and terror.  About halfway through her turn she decided that it was 100% fun.  But she still wasn’t going to do any flips.

Next up was the boy.  He was full of bravado while in line.  “I’m going to do a front flip AND a back flip.”  Yeah right.  Once he started jumping all he would do was barely push off of the trampoline.  He only went high when the gal running the show would pull down on his foot and sling him back up.

Finally Chickie got her turn.  She was probably the most apprehensive.  She got to do this before at the AZ Ren. Fair when she was quite a bit younger.  That time she didn’t even survive her whole turn before she wanted DOWN! NOW!  She’s a brave Chickie and wanted another chance to prove herself.  She climbed on, strapped in, and off she went!  No flips from her either but she still had a blast.

The next stop on our family fun day was Chuck E. Cheese.  Not exactly my idea of fun but if the kids can sacrifice their time for me… I can do the same for them.  The kids only re-appeared at the table to replenish their token supply, which left plenty of time for me and the hubby to have some alone time.  Well, as alone as you can be in a building full of noisy, wild children.  I’ll take what I can get! 

The kids thought our day was coming to an end but we surprised them with a stop to Maggie Moo’s.  For you AZ peeps – it’s like Cold Stone Creamery.  Only better.  It didn’t matter that we had piles of snow everywhere.  The kids were thrilled to get ice-cream.  WITH sprinkles!  Despite getting the smallest cups they offered we knew we weren’t going to be able to finish so we hurried home to save the rest in the freezer. 

The final cherry on top was giving Chickie the highlights she’s been begging. for. ever. to. have.  I had given her highlights last summer but I did a thin weave and she complained that they didn’t pop out enough.  This time I did a thicker weave and to her delight the top of her head is now blonde.  I’d post a picture but her head is currently in a snowcap – covered in snow.  I don’t think she’ll be back inside any time soon.

All-in-all it was a great day with the family.  It was fun to surprise the kids and to tell them “yes” more than “no”.  It was nice to have a day filled with laughter and not whining.  It was wonderful to love on them!


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