Acts 2

Often times I hear people wish that they knew what God wanted them to do… that they feel that God’s answers are cryptic or that answers to prayer take so long.  I know that I have felt that way.  “God, can we move home now?” … *chirp* … … *chirp* … 

But other times I feel that God is answering in LOUD, CLEAR messages.  It’s me that’s distracted or stubborn or lazy or selfish.  That’s not the answer I wanted so I’ll just ignore it until I think I hear what I want.  How many of us have done that? 

Right now I’m somewhere between the two.  Everywhere I turn I’m studying Acts (specifically chapter 2), fellowship with community, evangelism, generous giving…  I hear that loud and clear.  But, exactly what am I supposed to do?  I know that I am supposed to make some changes (BIG changes I think).  Part of me wants to wait until my hubby is on the same page (he’s only a page or two away) but I think perhaps that’s the coward’s way.  Part of me wants to row and let God steer but I am afraid.  Hmmm… that’s interesting.  I think, perhaps, it’s not failure that I’m really afraid of… I think it’s the fear of unchartered waters ahead. 

I’m sitting here for a little while… swirling in the water… waiting for direction that isn’t going to come until I start rowing… waiting for the courage to dip the oars into the water… nervous yet excited…


One response to “Acts 2

  • littletiger

    I can’t wait to hear what you end up doing … I’ve been swirling in the water for a little bit now – I think more that I’m in a wait and see what God has planned while I’m learning how to balance being a mom, wife, woman, Christian etc … Just in a holding pattern … but I know that’s going to change very soon!

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