Sometimes we look for the big things to love – things like holidays or vacations.  Or sometimes we look for something special to love – baby’s first lock of hair or the first piece of jewelry our spouse gave us.  Nothing is wrong with that.  But sometimes we miss loving the simple things in our daily lives.

I love that, as a family, we sit down at the table and have dinner together.  I don’t know too many families that do that any more.  It’s something that I take for granted.  At some point our kids are going to grow up and get busy – with jobs, friends, sports… and they won’t always be at the table.  I am cherishing this time that we have together at the table.

One of the traditions that my hubby and I have is to play a game while we’re eating.  We tried letting the kids play with us but there was more playing and less eating going on.  So for now they cheer us on and give us pointers.  If we don’t have plans after dinner the kids will usually join in a game or two.  It’s a great time for all of us to reconnect and for my hubby and I to get some one-on-one time in the midst of family time.

Happy Love Thursday Saturday!


3 responses to “Daily

  • littletiger

    okay – so what’s the game that you play? We always played a variation of 20 questions dealing with animals only … and it was a ton of fun to play at dinner – my sister’s already playing it with her oldest kid …

    • chicachicken

      Right now it’s Carcassone. Sometimes we play Tri-Ominoes or Rumikub. The kids enjoy any of those or they’ll dig out one of their games: The Scrambled States of America, Set, Pictureka, Othello, Parcheesi or Labrynth.

  • jaime

    yea for carcassone!!!

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