Did you backup?

Remember when I posted about my laptop having the blue screen of death and I encouraged ya’ll to backup your computers?  Did you?  Me neither.

Guess what?

My laptop now has some stupid virus that is attempting to disguise itself as a ‘microsoft anti-virus protection’ program.  I had FOUR different warnings on my screen all at once.  One of them being a hijacked website that blocked every other site I tried to access.  I rebooted into safe mode and ran my AVG program.  Half the files it tried to access were “locked” – I’m sure that’s where the virus is hiding.  Grrrrrrr!!!

Time to call up the computer doctor (again!) and see how much it will cost to rescue my laptop.  And then I want to find out how to build Fort Knox around it!!  So irritating.  In the meantime, my hubby is sharing his laptop with me… the laptop with Vista… almost not worth using it… almost.


2 responses to “Did you backup?

  • littletiger

    Get a Mac – no problems with viruses … and Steve suggests that you stop going to bad websites … LOLL no – he really suggests that you get ZoneAlarm (for firewall) and Avast(for Anti-virus) – they are both better than any windows virus protections and free to boot!

    • chicachicken

      Wish I could afford a Mac!!
      Ha ha Steve. Guess that means no more Facebook for me! Boooo!!
      Thanks for the tips – I will definitely check them out when my laptop is back up and running.

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