Boys are just weird

The kids are supposed to be in their rooms cleaning.  It’s almost like Christmas.  They clean up a huge pile of laundry and discover a pile of toys that they had forgotten about.  Then they spend the next 30 minutes playing with the toys before being reminded that they’re supposed to be cleaning.

I could hear The Boy in his room cleaning up his Legos.  I was relieved that he was finally getting them up off of the floor.  Everyone knows what it’s like to step on one of those tiny little bricks with their bare feet!  Anyway.  He was in there with his Legos…. next thing I know he’s coming down the hallway clutching a large clump of Legos that had been fashioned into a big brick.  He had them by his belly as he was staggering down the hall.  He would walk forward a few steps and fall back a few, forward… backward.  When he finally got to the point that he could see me sitting on the couch he said, “Look Mom!  I made a super strong magnet… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaahhhh!”  And went flying backwards to his room. 

He never fails to crack me up!


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